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What To Do This Weekend


Spring Fever Happy Hour

You know what you won’t get at your typical Friday night happy hour: outrageous bedazzled manicures and custom jewelry. That’s right, get your digits decked out with painted art and 3D pieces by Nail Tite (for $10 and up) and create custom Fleather earrings from leather scraps with Linda Smyth, former owner of Topstitch Boutique, all while sipping on cocktails, stuffing your face with snacks and cupcakes and listening to the to the booty shakin’ sounds of Gun$ Garcia. You’ll also want to peruse the boutique’s amazing selection of handcrafted jewelry, including Smith’s Rabid Fox line and Concrete Polish’s badass crystal bling, both of which will be 15 percent off during the event. Friday, 5pm-9pm. Free. @ Concrete Polish Showroom (716 N. 3rd St.)

hylo_boutiques#DannyFox Hunt

This weekend, the Philly-based design collective HyLo Boutiques is launching a unique social media campaign to help promote South Philly calligraphy artist and jewelry designer, Danny Fox. Basically shoppers are invited check out some of Fox’s favorite local spots including, Manny’s Browns (5th and South), Concrete Polish (716 N. 3rd St.) and Duke & Winston (633 N. 2nd St.) either tomorrow or Sunday and drop his name at the register in exchange for an instant reward. Snap a photo of the #dannyfox icon at each location and tweet it @HyLoBoutiques using the hashtag #dannyfox and you’ll also be entered into a raffle to win awesome prizes like lunch for two at Pumpkin Market, Duke & Winston tees and one of Fox’s stunning industrial sterling silver rings. Each tweet counts as a separate raffle entry and the more pics you tweet, the higher your odds of winning a prize. A map of #dannyfox locations is available online as well as at each of the businesses. Saturday-Sunday. Free. @ Various Locations

restrospect_dressesRetrospect’s 1st Annual Very Vintage Prom Event

Regardless or whether or not you actually have a prom to attend, I think it’s safe to say we could all use another vintage dress in our wardrobe. But since it is technically prom season, Retrospect is lending youngsters a hand by taking 30 percent off all dresses, suits and slacks for one whole day. That includes everything from glizy formal gowns to polka-dotted maxi dresses. Saturday, 12pm-10pm. Free. @ Retrospect (508 South St.)

Help A Local Gal Win The ‘Best Summer Job in America’


Right now, thousands of local college students are polishing up their resumes and practicing their interview skills in hopes of landing an awesome internship this summer.  Messiah College student, Deborah Tam is one of them.

But Tam isn’t looking for just any internship. Rather, she’s currently competing for the “Best Summer Job in America” with Jack Wills.  Only two candidates (one guy and one girl) will be chosen for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to spend six weeks working with the “Fabulously British” clothing company.

As a Jack Wills “Seasonnaire,” Tam would be an ambassador for the brand, traveling to their stores in resort locations around the U.S., (Martha’s Vineyard, Newport and Southampton) as well as the Jack Wills headquarters in the United Kingdom. The winners will also get $20 thousand in school tuition and the chance to attend the biggest Jack Wills event of the summer, JW Varsity Polo.

Check out Tam’s awesome application video then visit the Jack Wills Facebook page to vote (just click the ‘Best Summer Job in America” link).

The competition ends tomorrow help a Philly girl out and vote now!

You wouldn’t want her stuck pouring coffee all summer would you?

-Michelle Mass

Fashion’s Hidden Implications, Effects

Treyvon Martin


In Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s children’s novel, “The Little Prince,” the title character encounters a Turkish astronomer. The scientist continues to tell the Prince a story of his astronomical discovery. When he first presents the discovery, he was wearing traditional Turkish clothing, and his fellow scientists regarded him as a fool. Years later, the Astronomer makes the same presentation to the same crowd, only wearing Western clothes and went on to be well-received and respected by the scientific community.

There’s no denying that we judge people by the clothes their backs. We will formulate preconceived notions and take the visual as a first impression based on the person in question is wearing. It is off these judgments we base our actions.

The most recent illustration of this mindset is Treyvon Martin, the Florida teenager shot and killed on Feb. 26.

All legal jargon and technicalities aside, what has become more of an icon–and, perhaps subsequently, more of a controversial issue–than Martin or the shooting, is what this teenager was wearing at the time of his death: a hoodie.

National TV news anchors have worn sweatshirts during broadcasts in protest. Lawmakers, lawyers, political pundits and teachers are wearing sweatshirts to work. There have been “Million Hoodie” marches throughout the nation since mainstream media has taken hold of the issue. But worst of all is the full-on war the conservative media has taken against the article of clothing.

Fox News correspondent Geraldo Rivera responded to this tragedy by urging minority families to discourage their children from wearing sweatshirts, as the article of clothing was to blame for Martin’s death.

Now, before I address the absolute ridiculousness of Rivera’s assertion, allow me to digress:

Remember last April when Toronto police officer Michael Sanguinetti said that if women didn’t want to get raped or sexually assaulted, they “should avoid dressing like sluts”?

That’s right, this guy actually argued that if “provocatively dressed” women were raped or sexually abused, it was their fault.

Slutwalks have been held around the nation since Constable Sanguinettis sexist remark that women who dress provocatively are at fault for sexual abuse.


His vilifying words toward women are no better than the actual meaning, and I can’t help but compare the Martin case with Sanguinetti.

How has our society moved from blaming the doer to blaming the wearer?

Granted, as I previously noted, I understand one’s attire has an effect on our perception of them.  However, Sanguinetti and Rivera have essentially asserted the same point. The difference? Rivera is garnering support from Fox News and like-minded citizens; Sanguinetti was metaphorically burned on a stake by women around the world.

In the minority world, do we just prefer women over blacks? Is it easier – or perhaps more acceptable – to remain xenophobic and racist than it is to be sexist? What do you think?

And is anyone really going to be banishing hoodies and mini skirts from their wardrobe?

Jill Zarin, Not The Greatest Host

jill_zarinLast night, the former Real Housewives of New York cast member hosted a mini runway show in order to promote her new jewelry line for the “Find Your Magic” event at Macy’s Center City.

Part of her job was to educate Philadelphians on how to integrate the latest and greatest trends into our wardrobes and yet,  the only trends discussed were bold colors and chunky heels.

Don’t get me wrong, I love this season’s bright new look, but aren’t bright colors a trend for almost every spring?  I was hoping to see something new, but she only showed trends that are in every other store on Walnut Street.

That being said, some of the outfits the modeled on the runway were simply spectacular.  Part of the event involved two members of the audience designing an outfit for their model to wear, and the crowd was left to decide which was the better of the two outfits.  My favorite was an all white shirt paired with an all white skirt, black over-sized clutch and black and white shoes.  The outfit was simple, yet sophisticated.

Unfortunately the show fell short when Zarin couldn’t name what designer created each article of clothing.  Several times throughout the show Zarin mentioned that she loved a piece, yet had no idea who made it.  Rather than be professional and ask a Macy’s representative who it was, she just moved right on with the show….Maybe she was paid by the hour?

But The Real Housewives star really showed everyone her true colors before the meet and greet.  After demanding a makeup touch-up, she noticed a bracelet the Macy’s team forced her to wear on her wrist.  She immediately ripped it off her wrist and threw it onto the floor saying she wasn’t going to wear it because it wasn’t part of her jewelry line.  I understand you have to use all of the free press you can get especially after Bravo kicked you off the show, but really?  You couldn’t hand it to someone?

Normally, I’m incredibly supportive of any fashion events coming to Philly, but Zarin’s indifferent, ‘just give me my check’ attitude made it pretty hard to find the magic.

Fashionable Finger Food

fingerfooddelightWhen it comes to accessories I believe the tackier, the better. And should you come across a wonderfully tacky piece that actually says something about you as a person well, then I take that as a clear sign you should own it.

That’s why I almost died when my friend sent me a link to FingerFoodDelight’s adorable miniature handmade food rings.

Actually, I believe my reaction was more like “OMG!! Where’s my credit card???

The Etsy seller has an array of rings to choose from as well as pendants and earrings, with new designs constantly being added (trust me, I’ve made several visits). Whatever you favorite food/meal is, chances are FingerFoodDelight has transformed it into a little plastic fashion statement. I’m particularly fond of their Kawaii floating rings.

But perhaps my affinity for tacky jewelry is a bit extreme. I don’t know. What do you think?

Yay or nay?

Nicole Finkbiner | Mar 28 2012 4:51pm | DESIGN, SHOPPING, crafts, etsy, handmade, jewelry, FingerFoodDelight | Comment 1

The Fashion Sweatpant

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been profiling otherwise slack-y garments that have made their way  into high fashion as a too-cool-to-care staple. I’ve talked about overalls and baseball caps, and now I’d like to take a closer look at the sweatpant.

Otherwise known as the high symbol of giving up on life, as demonstrated by George Costanza.

Fashion is all-encompassing. The most interesting kind reaches to every class of people and mixes it up. The Madewell sweats look totally polished with a fitted button-down, blazer and velvet slippies.

3.1 Phillip Lim makes a super luxe pair that would right at home at the office.

And, of course, the king of lazy luxury, Alexander Wang, makes a fantastic ribbed pair that look super chic with heeled sandals.

What are we taking away from all this? Sweatpants are cool, and can even be sleek, but, there are rules. Do not, under any circumstances pair them with a sweatshirt. Keep your sweats to one at a time. Make sure they are tapered at the ankle, anything else would have you looking like you are in pajamas. Keep them a neutral color and as plain as possible. Nothing pink and nothing that advertises something across the ass would be nice. And, keep the rhinestones out of it. Actually, keep rhinestones away from everything, they are just awful.

abigail | Mar 28 2012 11:51am | SHOPPING, can't live without, great idea, just for fun | Comments 0

‘Find Your Magic’ Tonight at Macy’s

Jill Zarin

Courtesy of

After work, skip happy hour and head over to Macy’s Center City where jewelry designer and former “New York Housewives” star, Jill Zarin will be hosting a mini fashion show and challenge as well as dishing tips on how to rock the hottest spring trends.

A few lucky audience members will actually get to compete for a $100 Macy’s card during a “Fashion Face-Off” in which they’ll have to create the perfect outfit for a special occasion then pair up with a model to showcase their ensemble.

While there, be sure to take in the spectacular floral arrangements in the Grand Court as part of the 4th Annual Macy’s Flower Show.

The event starts at 5:30 p.m. So you should still have plenty of time to grab a cocktail afterwards.

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