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Exhibits To Look For At The Flower Show

Tomorrow, March 5, kicks off the first day of this year’s Philadelphia International Flower Show. This year, visitors will experience the show, “Hawaii: Islands of Aloha,” in four different themed nights: LGBT Night, Wedding Wednesday, Girls Night Out, and Family Day.


Photo courtesy of Perfect Gardening Tips

With the variety of vendors and exhibits filling the Philadelphia Convention Center to the brim, it’s hard to decide which ones visit first. Besides the central feature – a showcase of over 2,000 orchids, by Waldor Orchids – here are some exhibits worth making a beeline for:

American Institute of Floral Designers (AIFD)
The AIFD display, The Beautiful Dance: Song, Chant & Hula, is inspired by hula and the various topics of the Hawaiian dance.  Hula is a way of telling a story through physical movement, and designers will interpret these stories through floral design. Legends of goddesses, the elements, and King Kalakaua are a few of the subjects that inspired the exhibit.

Camden Children’s Garden
A hidden spot in a city lot provides a place where a child’s imagination, sparked by nature, can be set free. This exhibit, A Child’s Tropical Adventure, echoes the aim of the exhibitor, Camden Children’s Garden, which invites families to “come out and play” by offering a variety of horticultural experiences for kids to discover and explore the natural world and their own creativity.

Celebrations Design Group
Enjoy floral compositions that showcase a creative interpretation of a fusion between iconic pop musical artists and their songs in the exhibit, Pop Petals.

Flowers by David
A dramatic water feature dominates a design inspired by the patterns of Hawaiian tribal tattoos in KāKua or, tattoo.

Irwin Landscaping
This beautiful patio is created around the remains of an old silo in Old Silo Garden. A waterfall emptying into a small pool surrounded by plants bursting into spring makes for a charming sitting area.

W.B. Saul High School of Agricultural Sciences
Today’s Hawaiian paradise began with the arrival of canoes laden with plants that were brought from Polynesian islands. These palms, hibiscus, and elephant ears, along with edible yams and sweet potatoes, quickly became part of the Hawaiian built landscape as they rooted and thrived in the island soil, lava, and stone, and are showcased in “Ka Māla”: The Canoe Garden.

For more information, visit the Philadelphia Flower Show’s website or download the Flower Show App, an all in one app which keeps you updated on everything that is happening at the show, from exhibitor information, to Marketplace shopping, and to the schedule of lectures, demonstrations and performances.

-Lauren Arute

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