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The Ultimate Gift

That’s right, I discovered it—a truly unique, funny and affordable gift perfect for any occasion and for anyone.

But before I reveal what it is, allow me to first to explain how I came across this amazing discovery.

I’m a bridesmaid in my friend’s upcoming wedding and unaware that she had a gift registry, I pondered what I could possibly give her and her future hubby that a.) they didn’t already have; b.) weren’t likely to receive and c.)  wasn’t totally lame.

And so, after a few hours of web surfing, followed by some soul searching and penny counting and approximately four-six weeks of nail biting, this is what I wound up…


Yep, I gave the lucky couple miniature stuffed versions of themselves.

While I suppose with a little more contemplation I could have come up with a more practical gift, I was sold the moment I clicked onto

All of IAASA’s “Buddies” are 100 percent custom deigned and handmade. All you have to do is submit three photos of the person you’d like them to replicate and describe what you’d like them to be wearing. The more personalized, the better. I highly recommend perusing their photo gallery to get ideas and see just how creative your Buddy can get.

Rather than just putting the bride and groom in generic wedding attire, I described the “I’m With Stupid” shirt I envisioned in my head and the artist nailed it. As per my request, they also gave the bride a massive wedding ring and the groom just enough hair that he wasn’t quite bald.

Each Buddy is $99, regardless of how detailed. IAASA also offers three identical Mini Buddies for $59 as well as accessories, stands and pre-recordable voice boxes.

Really the hardest part is the wait since you don’t get to approve a sketch beforehand. They will however provide a prompt response should you have any inquires during the design process.

Overall, I was pretty pleased with the final product—the more I stared at the stuffed couple, the more they really started to look like their human counterparts.

And seeing the reaction my gift got, both from the bride-to-be and her family, I was really happy I didn’t get her a blender.

Nicole Finkbiner | Mar 27 2012 12:58am | DESIGN, SHOPPING, gift ideas, great idea, handmade, home, just for fun, | Comments 2

pranav  says:

Wow.. very excellent idea … really ultimate gift.

Mar 28 12:45 PM

Guy Manningham  says:

They sent us one in the mail for review and it’s awesome. Everyone asks us where we got it from. One of the coolest gift ideas I can think of.

Aug 1 8:36 PM


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