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Fashionable Finger Food

fingerfooddelightWhen it comes to accessories I believe the tackier, the better. And should you come across a wonderfully tacky piece that actually says something about you as a person well, then I take that as a clear sign you should own it.

That’s why I almost died when my friend sent me a link to FingerFoodDelight’s adorable miniature handmade food rings.

Actually, I believe my reaction was more like “OMG!! Where’s my credit card???

The Etsy seller has an array of rings to choose from as well as pendants and earrings, with new designs constantly being added (trust me, I’ve made several visits). Whatever you favorite food/meal is, chances are FingerFoodDelight has transformed it into a little plastic fashion statement. I’m particularly fond of their Kawaii floating rings.

But perhaps my affinity for tacky jewelry is a bit extreme. I don’t know. What do you think?

Yay or nay?

Nicole Finkbiner | Mar 28 2012 4:51pm | DESIGN, SHOPPING, crafts, etsy, handmade, jewelry, FingerFoodDelight | Comment 1

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Michelle  says:

I love these!!

Mar 29 8:13 PM


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