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Jill Zarin, Not The Greatest Host

jill_zarinLast night, the former Real Housewives of New York cast member hosted a mini runway show in order to promote her new jewelry line for the “Find Your Magic” event at Macy’s Center City.

Part of her job was to educate Philadelphians on how to integrate the latest and greatest trends into our wardrobes and yet,  the only trends discussed were bold colors and chunky heels.

Don’t get me wrong, I love this season’s bright new look, but aren’t bright colors a trend for almost every spring?  I was hoping to see something new, but she only showed trends that are in every other store on Walnut Street.

That being said, some of the outfits the modeled on the runway were simply spectacular.  Part of the event involved two members of the audience designing an outfit for their model to wear, and the crowd was left to decide which was the better of the two outfits.  My favorite was an all white shirt paired with an all white skirt, black over-sized clutch and black and white shoes.  The outfit was simple, yet sophisticated.

Unfortunately the show fell short when Zarin couldn’t name what designer created each article of clothing.  Several times throughout the show Zarin mentioned that she loved a piece, yet had no idea who made it.  Rather than be professional and ask a Macy’s representative who it was, she just moved right on with the show….Maybe she was paid by the hour?

But The Real Housewives star really showed everyone her true colors before the meet and greet.  After demanding a makeup touch-up, she noticed a bracelet the Macy’s team forced her to wear on her wrist.  She immediately ripped it off her wrist and threw it onto the floor saying she wasn’t going to wear it because it wasn’t part of her jewelry line.  I understand you have to use all of the free press you can get especially after Bravo kicked you off the show, but really?  You couldn’t hand it to someone?

Normally, I’m incredibly supportive of any fashion events coming to Philly, but Zarin’s indifferent, ‘just give me my check’ attitude made it pretty hard to find the magic.

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rina  says:

she is an idiot…why anyone would want that moron associated with their company is beyond me… after all, RHONY dumped her. Can’t Macy’s get a real celebrity?

Mar 29 4:41 PM

Andrea  says:

Rina, I agree, why in the world would macy’s want to be associated with such person, she is not a celebrity, she got fired from the only gig she ever had and now she has tricked Macy’s into thinking she is a star and deserves a check for appereances? I am not sure who is the author of this article, but you better buckle up, Jill will ask for you to be fired, just like she does with everybody else.

Mar 30 8:57 AM

Jill Zarin, Not The Greatest Host – PW | Jewelry Banking  says:

[...] Mark Longacre | Mar 29 2012 8:53am | EVENTS, FASHION, LOCAL LOVE, SHOPPING, spring fashion, wtf?, Find Your Magic, jill zarin, macy’s, Mark Longacre, Real Housewives of New York, spring trends | Comments 2 [...]

Mar 31 5:41 AM

Savannah  says:

What is this article talking about? Whoever wrote this clearly did not attend the same event that I did. I thought the show was fun and I saw a lot of spring trends that I want to incorporate into my wardrobe. The fire alarms went off at the event and everyone was evacuating and I was still in line for a picture and autograph. Everyone left the building and Jill stayed until everyone got an autograph and security came to finally tell her she had to leave. You obviously have a clear agenda.

Apr 2 12:22 PM

maddyr  says:

who is jill zarin?

Apr 13 11:02 AM


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