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Don’t Worry About White Rules…



Earlier this year, the unseasonably warm weather caused confusion about what’s appropriate to wear.  This spring has made planning outfits almost unbearable because one day it’s like Philadelphia and Miami swapped places, and the next it’s as if Philly got bored in Miami and moved north to Maine.

Now that spring weather is here to stay, some bold fashionistas have already started rocking white.  I’m not talking about a white accent piece here or there, I’m talking about white staple pieces, like pants, before Memorial Day.

According to Time Magazine’s exposé on the origin of the “No White After Labor Day” rule, white was deemed unacceptable before Memorial Day and after Labor Day because white linen was traditionally worn by vacationers to symbolize leaving their urban lifestyles for one of leisure.

That’s great, but we live in 2012.  If I wanted to leave my urban life, I could just hop on a plane and jet set somewhere warm.  Okay being the broke college student I am, maybe I couldn’t, but you get the idea….the white rules don’t apply any longer.

Although some are hesitant to break out the white, it’s an incredibly easy color to pair with this season’s hottest pastels.  I love this season’s trends, but I wouldn’t deck myself head to toe in pastels.  I’d look like a Crayola box threw up, so why not pair one of this season’s hottest colors with a pair of white pants?

I love to throw white into my wardrobe mix because it’s clean and simple.  It keeps an outfit light without distracting from your staple piece.  Because this season’s colors are so bright, try working in white regardless of the old rule.  After all, rules are made to be broken, right?

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these jeans are latest fashion now a days looking different and suits for all….
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