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Making a Difference with United By Blue

United by Blue is a Philly-based apparel company that prides themselves in being ocean friendly. For every single product sold, members of the caring UBB team remove one pound of trash from the world’s oceans and lakes. As of April 20th, they’ve actually removed a total of 87,863 pounds.

The company recently launched its 2012 Spring/Summer line  and let me tell you, it took an impressive amount of self-restraint for me not to immediately whip out my credit card and begin purchasing everything in eyesight. From their vintage, handmade and sustainable jewelry to their extremely soft and chic  apparel, they’re sorta like a wonderful mash-up of Urban Outfitters, Free People and American Apparel all rolled into one.

Check out some of my personal favorites below!

Women's Apparel

Uniform Bravo Bravo Scoop Neck $34/ S.O.S Scoop Neck $34/ Pacific Garbage Patch $34

UBB Purses

Navy Women’s Laptop Bag $98/ Vintage Women’s Unstructured Bag $42/ Women’s Blue and Grap Stripe Bag $38


Top Row: Turquoise Cluster Silver Ring $75/ The John Dillinger $28

Bottom Row: Western Shore Strawberry Rhubarb Necklace $38/ Artisan Turquoise Ring $50


S.O.S $34/ Old Boat $34/Sit Ready to Shove $34

~Michelle Mass

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Alli  says:

Alli from UBB here! Thanks for an awesome post, Michelle!

Apr 24 11:34 AM


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