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Mason Jar Madness

Mason Jar 5

Blame it on Pinterest or the hardware store down the street from my apartment (with the oh-so-adorable male employees), but whoever’s fault it is, I am now wholeheartedly addicted to mason jars. Admittedly, and somewhat pathetically, I have bought 15 mason jars of all different sizes in the past week with no plans for them except to take up space in my cabinets.

So I turned to the Web for some clever ideas for utilizing my new collection. Here’s some of my favorites:

1. Glass Jar Frames: I found this idea early on in my investigation and I absolutely love it! All you need is a clean jar, photos, a ruler, and scissors. After measuring the picture and cutting it to size, just pop it in the jar and voila!

Mason Jar 2

2. Mason Jar Salads: After seeing this on Pinterest, I have happily been bringing my lunch to work in mason jars for a few weeks.  It is so simple however, from personal experience, I would urge you to mix your salad in a bowl first, then scoop it into the mason jar so that you aren’t getting bites of just onions or peppers. If it is premixed it is easier to enjoy. Add some quinoa and Bon Appetit!

Mason Jar 3

3. Mason Jar Terrarium: What a cool idea! I will be attempting this immediately. I stumbled upon this craft website that gave complete instructions on how to create your very own terrarium in any size mason jar. All you need to complete this project is a glass mason jar with lid, potting soil, terrarium charcoal, small stones, pebbles, or gravel, preserved sheet moss, decorations (ones you might see in a fish tank) and chopsticks or bamboo skewers. The craft site includes a detailed list of how to create your terrarium including prepping the jar and adding your materials.

Mason Jar 4

4. Mason Jar Snow Globe: Another craft site I stumbled upon while googling “uses for mason jars” suggested that I create a snow globe with my empty jars. For this project you will need jars, florist clay, a small figurine, glitter, a hot glue gun, ribbon and plastic garland. The website again is very helpful giving complete instructions as well as helpful hints including how to keep your globe secure, how to choose your figurine wisely, how to find the right greenery for the globe, how to best use (and not over use as many of us have a tendency of doing) glitter, how to add a pop of color to your globe and how to choose the perfect theme. I can’t wait to try this one!

Mason Jar 6

For more crafty mason jar ideas, check out 50 Great Uses for Mason Jars.

~Michelle Mass

Flashy Jewelry for the Fellas

chrishabanaIf you’ve stepped outside your home lately, you know that statement jewelry is HUGE right now—from younger ladies rocking huge, door-knocker earrings or bright, geometric necklaces to older women sporting an array of ornate and flowery rings on multiple fingers.

And while that’s all fine and dandy, what about me and my fellow fashionistos?

As a dilettante in the world of fashion, I like to participate in or at least be aware of some of the major trends and movements in the fashion industry, so I was disappointed by the limited number of statement jewelry items available for guys. Big watches and arm cuffs are much too run-of-the-mill, and I can’t just run into Forever 21 and grab a few pieces because most of their jewelry is too feminine for me to even consider.chris habana jewelry

And then I discovered Chris Habana, a Filipino designer based in New York City. His designs are exactly what I had been looking for: unique, edgy, a little goth and most importantly, memorable. Oh, and there pretty cheap too with pieces ranging from $75-$250.

I purchased a pair of his “Spike” gunmetal-plated brass earrings as quickly as I could and they’ve turned out to be one of the best fashion decisions I’ve ever made. Not only do they elevate any outfit, but I swear I turn heads every time I wear them.

Don’t worry ladies—with pieces ranging from snake-eye necklaces and crucifix earrings to thorny bracelets, you can totally rock his jewelry too.

-Charles Brown

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DIY: Newspaper Bow Ties

paper_bowtiesAs mentioned last week, I’ve recently began embarking on various paper-making projects under the guidance of Kayte Terry’s book Paper Made!.

After perusing the options which included picture frames, purses, desk organizers, voltives, bowls and ribbons, I decided to make the “very large bow tie” from the “Paper Party Props” chapter because, well at PW Style, we like to party.

Considering I am not the most artistically inclined individual, the instructions were quite easy–and cheap! All I needed to get to make my party props was newspaper (the latest issue Philly Weekly, of course), a hot glue gun, and a small binder clip. In five easy steps I was ready to get my party on. The steps were as follows:

1. Select one sheet of newspaper and fold it in half and then in half again (the way a newspaper is typically folded).

2. Starting at one of the long edges, make 1/2″ accordion-style folds in the folded sheet. This step required a lot of trial and error for me. I was unable to eye out 1/2″ folds, so the first time I made them too large and didn’t realize until the project was done, that the folds needed to be smaller for the newspaper to take the shape of a bow tie. When in doubt, go smaller!

3. From a second sheet of newspaper, cut a 2″ x 8″ strip and fold it in half lengthwise.

4. Wrap it around the center of the accordion-folded paper. Hot glue the ends of the strips in the back to create the “knot.” In all honesty, good ol’ tape worked just as well as a hot glue gun. In my opinion, save a few bucks and go with the clear tape instead.

5. Squeeze hot glue onto one side of a small binder clip and center and press it into the back of the knot. Gently pull apart the folds to fluff up the bow tie and clip on!

I found the last step to be the hardest because the binder clips I was working with were being uncooperative. After attempting hot glue and tape, I tried crazy glue also, but they just wouldn’t stick to the paper! You’re better off just using safety pins to attach them to your party outfit.

~Michelle Mass

Shoe Shopping Is Frustrating, but DSW Is Having a Sale!

Until recently, I nearly gave up on finding a pair of platform wedges. Every time I go into a shoe store I imagine that shoe designers have forgotten that many people  generally enjoy wearing heels and aren’t wearing them as a quick fix to rise five inches (although that’s a perfectly sound reason to wear them). Basically, I have a tall person bias in this situation and don’t foresee myself wearing a five-six inch heel casually. I could, but I’d much rather find a medium sized heel that isn’t, well, hideous, and finding such has grown to feel very similar to the fact that you could get a burger, fries and soda at McDonalds for under $4, but have to pay nearly $10 for a salad at Cosi. Fortunately, a heel around 4 inches is much more comfortable and wearable with the help of a platform.

I may be picky about shoes, but I don’t think I’m reaching here. So I spent an entire afternoon on the internet browsing around for a pair that meets certain requirements, or rather, avoids what I loathe in a shoe- that awful kitten heel, the bad variation of a cork/straw wedge, etc; along with an offensive price tag.

Then, the beacon of promise that is Google led me to DSW. How could I forget about DSW? It’s not like I don’t se their “Where’d you get your shoes?” commercial any less than five times throughout just one episode of Parks and Rec. Regardless, they are having a sale and there are some great options at very reasonable prices. So, if you feel my particular life-threatening shoe feels in this blog post, I hope this helps you find what you’re own shoe department is missing.

Mia Jukebox Wedge Sandal, $44.94

Mia Jukebox Wedge Sandal, $44.94

N.Y.L.A. Kino Wedge Sandal, $44.94

N.Y.L.A. Kino Wedge Sandal, $44.94

Envy Primrose Sandal, $44.94

Envy Primrose Sandal, $44.94

If any of you PW Style readers out there have a particular go-to place, whether it’s online or in-store, where you always luck out with shoes, please let us know! It’s what my sartorial needs are currently thirsting for the most, and I’m sure I am not the only one.

Also, keep in mind that if you sign up to become a DSW Rewards member, you get free shipping on any purchase over $35! Use the code “SHIPR”.

-Emily O’Neill

Board Shorts or Shorts?

Image Courtesy of Nordstrom.

Image Courtesy of Nordstrom.

Over the past five years, men’s fashion has grown into an industry in itself.  Sure men have always needed clothes, but men’s fashion has never been as mainstream as it is today.  Today’s dapper gent incorporates the latest trends into almost every aspect of his wardrobe, including swimwear.  Because the line between men’s swimwear and everyday apparel has become so fine, some guys are rocking board shorts as everyday apparel.

Based on their styles, some swimsuits could pass as regular, land-loving shorts.  Swimsuit manufacturers have designed polyester blends that wick water away just as well the swimsuits of yesteryear, just without the bulk.  The lightweight materials aren’t awkwardly shiny like they used to be.

Swimsuit retailers, like Pacific Sunwear, sell many different styles of what they call “hybrid shorts,” which incorporate the fast wicking material and lightweight feel common to board shorts, while still looking like a pair of shorts on first glance.

We’re not suggesting hybrid shorts are a replacement for traditional bottoms, but hybrid shorts are perfect for your next beach day. They can easily transition from the beach to the bar so no more worrying about having a complete outfit change. Just throw a button-down shirt with a pair of Sperry’s in your beach bag, and you’re ready to hit the bar after a long day of fun in the sun.

Best of: Cheap Swimsuits!

Of course, we adore the new Mara Hoffman swimsuit line just as much as the next fashion-obsessed gal, and there’s a certain Alexander Wang one-piece that is breaking our hearts, but the ol’ bathing suit budget just isn’t that deep. We’re guessing yours isn’t either, which is why it’s so difficult to find a cool, unique and quality suit without dishing out all of your hard-earned dough. We searched and searched, and found some of the best of the cheap, because summer funds are meant for margaritas and road trips, not expensive nipple covers.

Miss Selfridge Fringe Bikini $46

Charlotte Russe Geo Stripe Bandeau Top and Bottoms $17.50 each.

Delia’s Dot Ruffle Bandeau Top and Hipster bottoms $14.50

Billabong Allie One-Piece $50

Wildfox Couture Misty Swimsuit $50

What To Do This Weekend


Fashioning Philadelphia Runway Show

To celebrate their brand-new exhibit, “Fashioning Philadelphia,” the Museum of Elfreth’s Alley is presenting its first-ever fashion show featuring the newest summer duds from several local boutiques including, Three Sirens, Urban Princess, Kaleidoscope and US*U.S. New designers from Cut & Sew and Drexel’s fashion design students will also be showing off their latest creations. Prior to the show, guests will be treated to light refreshments. Saturday, 6-8pm. $15-$40. @ Painted Bride Art Center (230 Vine St.)

joan shepp

Fashion Fridays

Every Friday through June 22, be sure to stop by Joan Shepp after work and enjoy special discounts as well as complimentary champagne and hors d’oeuvres. You may even be able to catch a modeling and what-to-wear seminar. Kicking things off, tonight, guests are invited to bring their favorite piece of clothing and possibly spruce it up with a new pair of shoes—all of which will be 20 percent  off. Friday, 3-6pm. Free. @ Joan Shepp (1616 Walnut St.)

kembrel2-300x199Kembrel Designer Series: Philadelphia Designer Trunk Show vol. 2

With their first local designer trunk show having been a success, Kembrel will be hosting a second installment featuring an eclectic mix of new designs from Concrete Polish, Duke & Winston and Tough Luv. So come out and stuff your face with free tasty appetizers and drinks while taking advantage of Kembrel’s 20 percent discount. In addition to discovering a local indie designer, you may just meet a new friend. Sunday, 5-9pm. Free. @ Kembrel (1822 Chestnut St.)


The Bazaar at the Piazza

Ah yes, it’s that time of year again when once a month, the Piazza transforms into a bustling, 80,000-square foot outdoor marketplace showcasing a plethora of one-of-a-kind wares—home décor, jewelry, baked good, candles, clothing, antiques and much, much more. I don’t know about you, but the thought of shopping indoors on Memorial Day weekend is just unnatural. The Bazaar will be held rain or shine, and will continue popping up monthly throughout the summer. Sat. & Sun., 12-6pm. Free. @ The Piazza at Schmidt’s (1015 N. 2nd St.)


Entrée: Visual Arts and Dinning Series

Each month, this event series combines independent film selections, art work, and free food by local chefs/culinary students creating what can only be described as an incredible evening of awesomeness. This month’s session will feature a showcase from Concrete Jungle, feature jewelry from RikLei as well as tasty grub from Soulful D’Lites, tunes by DJ Sylo and the artwork of Serena Saunders of Passion Art. Philly-based director Jamal Hill, who has worked on such blockbuster films as I Am Legend and Iron Man will also be screening one of his very first films. Sunday, 4-7pm. $10. @ Waterview Lounge (1020 N. Delaware Ave.)

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