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Meet Supermodel and Make-Up Extraordinaire Cindy Joseph

Cindy Joseph 1I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Ford Classic supermodel and entrepreneur Cindy Joseph about her career, her new make-up line BOOM! By Cindy Joseph, and her perspective on how every age can be beautiful. The 61 year old silver fox will also be speaking at the new raw food and juice café, Jar Bar.

PWStyle: Hi Cindy! You are so beautiful! Please tell us how you were discovered as a model.
Cindy Joseph: In 1999, I was approached on the street by a casting agent who wanted to know if I could model for Dolce and Gabbana. I was 49 and had silver hair. I did the shoot and 6 months later, the campaign was launched. I went to Ford models and they signed me. I have been modeling every since.

PW: What do you think is the most beautiful age a woman can be?
CJ: Every age has its own unique beauty. Think of a newborn’s tiny hands and feet, reaching out for sensation and the absolute awe in their eyes from experiencing all the new sensations. Then think of the sweet cuddly beauty of a toddler’s tender smooth skin romping around in their diapers. From that age through teenage years, through puberty, and young adulthood, all the way through a woman’s
30s 40s 50s, past 100, there is a nuance and shift that reveals another kind of beauty. It is our choice to seek and find that beauty in every girl and woman.

PW: What is your favorite beauty secret?
CJ: Taking joy in life

PW: Do you believe women should change their make-up routine as they age?
CJ: Depends on what they were doing when they were younger. Best thing to remember is that your face attains more character and develops more features as you age; so less of everything is better. If you wear eyeshadows and contours and powders and heavy foundations you will be just be adding more texture to the fine lines and wrinkles, and end up looking older. Think moist, dewy, color and radiance. Softer eyebrows. No dark shadows or hard eyeliners etc. Keep it simple and relax with the changes instead of fighting them. It will only make you look strained and possibly older.

PW: Do you prefer the natural make up look or the made up (to go out) look?
CJ: I think it’s all great as long as the girl or woman is motivated to wear makeup for fun rather than feeling desperate and motivated by fear.

PW: Do you believe women should embrace their age or hide it?
CJ: Not only EMBRACE their age but celebrate it. Be proud to have earned each SILVER hair and wrinkle they have!!


PW: Please tell me a little bit about BOOM! By Cindy Joseph.
CJ: BOOM! By Cindy Joseph is the first pro-age cosmetic line ever to exist. The message is that women are just right the way they are. The right size, shape, features, coloring and age, just as they are. And when a woman is taking joy in her life, experiencing pleasure she is extra attractive. It is her smile and her joy that makes her compelling and attractive. Boomsticks are easy to use, applicator free and great for multitasking. Simple, easy, and affordable. They are designed to make every women look as she naturally does when she is experiencing pleasure. If she is laughing dancing or romancing, her circulation revs up and her lips, neck, cheeks, forehead become colorful and her skin becomes dewy and radiant. Boomstick and Boomsilk are all safe, paraben phthalate free cosmetics.

PW: Explain your take on the “Pro-age” movement!
CJ: I named BOOM! By Cindy Joseph because that is the sound of a revolution. BOOM is the Pro-Age revolution! Women and men, children and adults are ready. It is simply time. Our society has hit a screeching crescendo of anti aging attitudes and products. If we believe that the largest percentage of our lives is downhill, which is after we turn thirty, it is a sad story. Life is not a mountain with one peak. Life is a V, expanding and becoming more as time goes on. As you age, you become more self-aware, develop taste and wisdom. Women are going under the knife and are injecting Botox; 9-year-old girls are worried about their weight and becoming anorexic. Women of all ages feel unseen, unnoticed, unless they look younger than they are. It is time for women and our society to realize looking like we are in our childbearing years just to be valued is archaic thinking!! Not only that, it simply does not work. It only makes a woman look desperate and they cannot fool anyone. The whole idea that women are only valuable for bearing children, ended 100 years ago with suffrage!!! Remember Women’s Lib? That happened over 40 years ago! Everyone is waking up to reality. That is the Pro-Age movement. We are not accepting this anti-age attitude anymore. Women are free, powerful and attractive at every age and are valued on many levels for many reasons. Its time to wake up and smell the coffee!

PW: Is BOOM! By Cindy Joseph only for a certain age group?
CJ: BOOM! is for every female from new born to over 100 years old. Girls and women of all ages enjoy Boom!

To learn more about this captivating woman head to the Jar Bar on May 10th from 7-9 p.m. Cindy will be offering interesting make-up tips for every age and will be discussing how you can discover yourself and live a passionate, happy life!


~Michelle Mass


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