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Photos: Drexel’s Annual Student Fashion Show

On Saturday, senior and graduate students of Drexel University’s nationally recognized Fashion Design program showcased their collections during a super snazzy runway show at The Urban Outfitters’ Headquarters in the Navy Yard.

For a group of young, amateur designers, I must say I was pretty freakin’ impressed with the fashions they’ve produced. In fact, throughout the show, I made little stars in the program next to the collections I liked. By the end, all but maybe five had stars.

But if I had too choose out the hundred(s) of looks that came down that runway, I’d have to say that it was the array of coats and jackets that really stole the show. Seriously, like every single one was totally unique and could be sold in a store tomorrow. Oh, and the lingerie was absolutely to die for.

Anyway, here’s a taste of some of the night’s many memorable designs…

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