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Now This Is How Teen Girls Should Be Dressing…

If you’ve left your house at all lately, chances are you’ve caught a glimpse of a teenaged girl’s belly button and/or ass cheek. With cropped tops and daisy duke shorts having made a huge comeback this summer, there’s far too much (pre)pubescent skin being exposed around town.

Thankfully, there are still some young ladies out there who know how to dress for 90+ temps without looking like a baby prostitute. I took this opportunity to ask my 15 year-old sister to give me a glimpse of some of the more tasteful summer fashions girls her age are–or should be–wearing.

Shirt, H&M; Skirt and Earrings, Forever 21

Shirt, H&M; Skirt and Earrings, Forever 21

“Summertime is really the only time we get to wear them, but tube tops are easy to pair with a bunch of things, especially if they’re a solid color. I like this skirt because it gives this outfit a fun, festive vibe, and it complements this black top really well. These earrings complete the look and give the outfit an earthy feel.”

Jacket, American Eagle; Shirt, H&M; Skirt, Target

Jacket, American Eagle; Shirt, H&M; Skirt, Target

“A denim jacket is a good piece to make an outfit more appropriate, and to cover yourself up in case it starts to get chilly at night. I like this red top because it adds a pop of color, and I like to pair it up against this black-and-white striped maxi skirt. Maxi skirts are a nice change from the typical mini-skirts and short shorts you see girls wearing during the summer, and many are still lightweight enough to be worn when the weather is warm.”

Shirt, PacSun; Pants, Target

Shirt, PacSun; Pants, Target

“Pastels are very in this summer, so I like to pair this off-white shirt with pleats and frilly sleeves with these pastel-pink jeans. Both pieces gives off a nice girly vibe.”

- Charles Brown

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DTMFA  says:

Adorable. As a ninth grade teacher, I fully support these looks! Your sister is a beautiful girl and has great style.

Jul 18 10:26 AM


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