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Best Olympic Fashions

On Friday night, I sat glued to the TV during the 2012 London Summer Olympics opening ceremony.

And while I would have normally changed the channel once the athletes started pouring in, I was so captivated by the array of team apparel that I proceeded to watch all 204 countries make their entrance. It was like the best runway show I’ve ever seen.

Oddly enough however, despite all the whoopla over this year’s designer Olympic duds, they wound up being some of the most unimpressive looks of the night—from Great Britain’s tacky gold-lined tracksuits by Stella McCartney to Giorgio Armani’s incredibly bland uniforms for Italy. And don’t even get me started on Ralph Lauren’s Team USA line. What a fucking hack.

Anyway, it was hard choosing, but there were three countries in particular that I thought really stepped up their game.

Bronze: Paraguay

paraguay_olympicsNow this is what Team USA should have worn. It’s simple, yet classic. I also love the detailing on the bottom of the women’s dresses and the little embellishment in their hair.

Silver: Poland


OK, so there’s nothing particularly sporty or uniform-like about this. But who made up those rules anyway? They incorporated their flag colors and their national flower, so that’s enough as far as I’m concerned.

Gold: The Netherlands


Who knew orange and blue could look so damn chic? They definitely made the right call. Now, if they had worn orange and blue track suits, that would have been a disaster.

As for the worst…


germany_olympic_fashionUmmm…you know you’re not in a nursery, right?

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Christina  says:

Gonna go out on a limb here and say that the uniforms for Poland’s women look like tampons.

Aug 3 12:52 PM


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