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Barack Obama Wins Re-Election, Kenya Celebrates

Reuters story and photo.

It was one of those moments where I was extremely glad that someone else was watching beside me (and that the digitalism of our media showed Tweets about it within minutes). Last night, as CNN, who was lagging behind NBC in declaring a victory for Obama, announced re-election with the taking of Ohio and then proceeded to show people celebrating around the country (and in Africa). They showed screamers in Chicago, in L.A., in Times Square, in a small village in Kenya, and at the Empire State Building. Wait, what? Did that just happen? Kenyans are celebrating Obama’s re-election? Like, as soon as we are? Hunh. Weird. That footage looked a little suspicious, too.

As you’ve undoubtedly noticed, there’s been plenty of coverage on the coverage of last night’s election. Twitter let us real-time analyze the important things like Barbara Walters’ necklace and Diane Sawyer’s intoxication. Or the hilarious desperate inclusion of tap-technology, virtual reality and that CBS guy pacing in a small wooden room with bar graphs. But why did CNN throw that half-of-a-minute of Kenya into their celebration montage? Seriously, am I taking crazy pills? Doesn’t that feel a little unwarranted and just a tad racist? Don’t you get the distinct impression that yes, international communities are curious about the outcome of America’s rickety electoral college system’s end product, but that perhaps developing nations aren’t watching live-streams of state-to-state wins? And that’s fine. Just logistically, I’m skeptical.

My hunch is that CNN just threw in some stock celebratory tribal glee into clips of real, ecstatic patriotic relief from the Atlantic to the Pacific. And that’s MESSED UP. They didn’t show anywhere real that might pertain to Obama, like a home base in Chicago or Hawaii. It was as if Donald Trump used that $5 million on some mainstream media time to spread the notion that Obama’s really from Africa. Don’t believe me? WATCH IT YOURSELF.

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