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Tame Impala And Paul Banks: Two Amazing Shows To Get To Tonight And Saturday Night

Alright, kids. For those who keep a tight social schedule, the urgency present in this post should be taken seriously. These are two shows that Philadelphia should be pretty pumped about. As far as indie rock goes, there are bands that music critics bug out about and there are bands that normal-ass music lovers bug out about. They don’t always intersect. Sure, shows like Beach House and M83 will sell out with the quickness – every music journalist and critical outlet has typed their lil’ fingers off with praise. But when you love something because you’ve listened to it over and over and it just hits the right spots, it does something that even a much-acclaimed Grizzly Bear record doesn’t do for you, it’s almost a relief that all the internetters out there don’t know about it. Because then you can buy a ticket at the last minute for a great show that won’t be super-packed full of trend-following children. Let’s get down to these two shows.

First, you’ve got tonight’s Tame Impala show. They’re a young psychedelic prog-funk band from Perth, Australia. As young teenage friends, they’ve wavered in and out of focusing on TI with asides to solo projects and associated bands, but when they do convene, it’s with a bang. Their second record, Lonerism, hit streets exactly a month ago. It’s a stunner; packed full of psychedelic grooves and retro vibes. When they debuted the first single on it this past summer, “Elephant,” it drummed up lots of excitement. Then when we got a listen of the entire thing and it was definitely worth the hype and wait. It has a little bit of thrash but plenty of scuzzy fuzzy rhythm. And one of the most intriguing things about it is that you can almost imagine how electrifying their stage performance just might be; a record that actually sound better. Tickets are only $16 right now, $18 at the door. The Amazing open and doors are at 8pm.

Second, there’s a Paul Banks show at the Trocadero. Alright, some of you may not be the biggest fans of Banks and Interpol, hear me out for a few seconds. I don’t really like Interpol that much, either. However, Turn On The Bright Lights, Interpol’s debut record (already ten years old) has got to be a Favorite Three Records Of All Time contender. It’s perfect. It’s a New York City record, yes, and in a way, if you’ve never had any love for NYC, that might be a check minus for TOTBL. But sonically, it has shed light on hundreds, thousands of records of its kind. The emotionality, the darkness, the sense of urban isolation, the melancholic perspective on love – it’s infectious. These are the vibes that Paul Banks, Interpol’s lead singer and now officially solo with his own name for the first time, nails on last month’s Banks. For a few records back there, he’d publish under Julian Plenti. But no more! He’s ready to bring his TOBTL-sy solo stuff to the world and the Trocadero’s the lucky recipient. The tickets are either $15 or $17 and The Neighborhood opens up with doors at 8. Here’s a sorta mini-doc about the record and his first performances as himself.

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