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Lushlife’s New Vid Is Sure To Make Your Lil’ Philly Heart Swole

Raj Haldar continues to do us good and proud on a regular basis. Be it with humble approachability, collaborative grace or performance prowess, Lushlife and his spring-released Plateau Vision continue to find praise and new fans. Well, the new video for “Magnolia” is a stunner and it’s full of Philadelphia. Here’s a LINK TO IT.

It plays perfectly on lyrical videos with unique, cardboard cut-outs of pretty much every word from the song which a vast cast of characters wear as hats. And at the end, there’s a gorgeous long, pulling-away shot of Raj chillin’ with a field of cardboard words.

Here’s a link to his Bandcamp, and a way to make sure you’re at his next show, which is a really cool opening spot for The Coup at Underground Arts on December 7th.

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