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Some Sights from The Craft Show

Over the weekend, the Art Museum held its 36th Annual Craft Show at the Pennsylvania Convention Center, showcasing and selling contemporary crafts from over 190 artists from around the globe.

This was my first time attending the show and even though I knew this was far from an Art Star-type craft bazaar, I must say the outrageous price tags on practically everything was a bummer. The artists were also a bit stuffy (boring) for my personal taste.

Still, if I were to hit the lottery tomorrow or suddenly collect on an inheritance, there were plenty of things I would have totally bought. Here’s three of the more memorable crafters I saw:


Jeffrey Zachmann / Kinetic Sculpture (Fergus Falls, MN)

Zachmann definitely attracted more attention than most of the vendors in attendance as people stood around his tent for several minutes totally in awe as they watched the tiny pin-ball machine balls go through his cool electronic machines/masterpieces. They were so cool in fact that the $4 thousand dollar price tag on his smaller pieces actually seemed fair.


Jo Hayes Ward (England)  

Combining rapid prototyping technology and traditional jewelry techniques, Ward’s pieces were certainly some of the most unique I’ve ever seen. I also loved that many of the pieces were subtle enough for everyday wear.


Mikel Robinson (Durham, NC)

Albeit a tad chunky, I was totally digging Robinson’s array of mixed media trinkets. They all had a certain creepy Victorian feel, marked by found objects and old photographs (my favorite being the series of Ferris wheels).


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