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The Weeknd Isn’t Over Quite Yet


We’re looking forward to this week. Why? Because The Weeknd’s Abel Tesfaye is finally releasing his debut album.

The world got a taste of the offbeat R&B artist back in 2011 when he released three free mix tapes on his website. Now, Tesfaye is making moves toward his first record deal, partnering with Republic Records for the Nov. 13 release of his three-disc album, Trilogy. Not long after he dropped his first mix tape House of Balloons, in 2011, fellow Toronto artist Drake quickly pursued collaboration with the smooth, incorporeal vocals of Tesfaye. The Weeknd’s popularity catapulted with “Crew Love,” a track from Drake’s album Take Care, which made it to number nine on Billboard’s Hot R&B chart. There’s no surprise why The Weeknd took off: His dark, synthy beats echoing alongside his aching ballads introduced a new style of R&B—because, after all, “fucking bitches and getting money” doesn’t always happen effortlessly. Trilogy, a collaboration of House of Balloons, Thursday and Echoes of Silence, will include first-time mixed and mastered versions of Tesfaye’s already-released songs, plus the addition of a couple new joints, including the radio favorite “Wicked Games.” Plus, for the serious fans, Trilogy will include the original version of the song “The Zone” in place of whatever version he’s got going on in the official music video—or so Tesfaye boasts on his Twitter.

Either way we’re not worried. So far, none of his mix tapes have disappointed. CAROLINE NEWTON

sheena | Nov 12 2012 12:51pm | music | Comments 2

kingtee  says:

Downlod The weeknd’s New album (leak)

Nov 13 3:32 PM

kingtee  says:

heres the link to download

Nov 13 3:32 PM


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