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Taking Back Sunday Returns To Philly

taking_back_sunday_electric_factoryLast night, Philadelphians got a pop-punk flash in the not to distant past as Taking Back Sunday—now reunited with two of its original band members—filled the Electric Factory in the first of three back-to-back, sold-out local performances (tonight again at EC, the First Unitarian Church tomorrow).

The real allure of the concert was that they would be performing their first and best album, Tell All Your Friends in its entirety. It’s been exactly a decade since the album was released and while I have no real interest in any future TBS music now at the age of 25 years, I must say, my inner 15-year-old was more than delighted.

The highlight of the show was when clearly intoxicated front man, Adam Lazzara jumped up to the balcony then proceeded to make his way around the entire second floor before coming back down and making his way through the sea of minors. This was a particularly impressive fete considering that he didn’t have a cordless microphone.

How in the hell TBS could manage to sell out three back-to-back shows in Philly in 2012, I have no freaking clue. But having spent the entire evening torn my 15-year-old and 25-year-old selves, I couldn’t help analyze the concert from both perspectives:


15-year-old Self: Who the fuck are these dudes?

25-year-old Self: Who the fuck are these dudes? And why is the lead singer flailing his arms like that? What a turd.


15-year-old Self: Omg, these guys are awesome! I’m totally going to buy their CD!

25-year-old Self: I vaguely remember this band. God, I hope their set doesn’t go on much longer. I better pound this beer before I fall asleep. Sweet guitar solo, though.

Taking Back Sunday:

15-year-old Self: Best. Concert. Ever. I want Adam Lazzara to take my virginity.

25-year-old Self: Is Adam Lazzara even singing? Man, he really let himself go. I swear to God, if this bitch behind me pours any more beer down my leg, I’m going to punch her. Oh, never mind, they’re playing “Cute Without ‘E.’” “And will you tell all your friends you’ve got your gun to my head…”

My, what a difference ten years can make.

One thing that hasn’t changed: I’d still totally bone Adam Lazzara.

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Doug  says:

Taking Back Sunday put on a good show, but Bayside sounded better.

Nov 14 4:34 PM


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