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Recap: Philly Sketchfest Night 3

phillysketchfest_logoWhile still pissed I wasn’t able to attend the Dirtiest Sketch Competition on Tuesday, I’m glad that the 5th Annual Philly Sketchfest still has three more nights of kick-ass sketch comedy left.

Last night’s show was dominated by three stellar local acts. First up, stand-ups Chip Chantry and Carl Boccuti officially debuted their new monthly sketch show, The Specific Jawns, featuring an array of their funny friends (Mary Radzinski, John McKeever, Shannon Brown and Sam Narisi, to name a few).

Chip and Carl deserve mad props for the five following reasons: 1) Coming up with what is perhaps the best title for a comedy show I’ve ever heard. 2) Enlisting such a dynamic crew of talented comics. 3) Including Philly-centric jokes that weren’t completely trite. 4) Going the extra step to incorporate visual elements. 5) Conceiving such well-written, off-the-wall and totally original sketches. Already I can’t wait to see what they have in store for the future.

Keeping the laughs going, the gals of ManiPedi dusted off their handmade Fruit of the Loom-style food costumes and proved that watching three girls fight in cardboard contraptions really never gets old. Even the second time around, I laughed till my eyes watered. If you’ve never seen it, just think Justin Timberlake’s “Bring it on down to…” sketches, but ten times funnier. Following this food-theme, the group then played their newest video sketch “The Taco Bell Jar.” I highly recommend checking it out. I also highly recommend picking up a copy of next’s week issue of PW. (wink. wink.)header6

For the grand finale, the massive ensemble of Penn’s all-male sketch troupe, The Mask & Wig Club took their stage and wowed the crowd with their Ivy League wits. Although some sketches were stronger than others, when these guys killed it, they freakin’ killed it. They delivered more sketches in 20-30 minutes than one can possibly recall, but the two that stand out entailed a bizarre wizard/hamburglar and a chorus line capped off with a surprise appearance from Hitler.

FESTIVAL INFO: Each of the nightly performances will be held in the Prince Music Theater’s Independence Foundation Blackbox (1412 Chestnut St.). Tickets for an individual show block are $10 while a nightly pass costs $15-$20. As an additional bonus, a portion of tickets sales from this year’s festival as well as all proceeds from the annual Comedy Month raffle will benefit Career Wardrobe.

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