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Recap: Philly Sketchfest Night 5


Camp Woods / Photo by KL Thomas

Tonight, the Philly Sketchfest wraps up its fifth year with three blocks of shows and a stellar line-up of performers including, the local duo (and Philly Sketchfest producers) David Terruso and Matt Lally of Animosity Pierre at 9 p.m. and the Boston-based duo Sawyer & Hurley capping off the 10 p.m. block.

That said, consider this not only a recap of last night’s comedic offerings, but my final plea to get you to go out and actually see the festival.

Out-of-towners opened both blocks of shows last night—Onassis, the house sketch team at The Upright Citizen’s Brigade Theatre in NYC and Brick Penguin from Washington, DC—both of whom I’d welcome again with open arms. Oddly enough, they also both happened to have concluded their sets with really original musical bits.

Still, it was the homegrown headliners that really brought the house down:

Camp Woods: While I can’t say how many times I’ve seen CW over the years, I can say that I’ve never seen them perform at such an uncanny, gut-busting pace as they did last night. From Billy Bob Thompson pretending to play the piano as Rob Thomas to Rob Baniewicz competing on a fake game show as Adolf Hitler, the crew really kicked their wonderful absurdity up a notch. Their first peak came with the sketch “Pop-Eye The Failure Man.” Billy is already like a living cartoon character so there was a certain satisfaction that came with watching him as an actual cartoon character. Oh, and of course, Rob Baniewicz was simply born to play Olive Oil. By the end of their set, already at the top of the mountain with nowhere else to go but down, the gang just decided blow the entire goddamn mountain up. And they did it with a good old-fashion amniotic sac race. Amniotic sacs? Yes, amniotic sacs.


The Feeko Brothers / Photo by KL Thomas

The Feeko Brothers: Philly’s Reigning Kings of Sketch Comedy did exactly what they always do—entertain and amuse. This time however, they did it all in between ridiculous video clips of Yasmine Bleeth.  Not sure how this idea came about, but I really wish I could have been a fly on the wall as they scoured the Web for Baywatch clips. The duo concluded the evening with the introduction of a hilarious new character, whose name I believe was “Little Charlie Dinosaur.” In hopes that they bring this little guy out again in the future, I don’t want to say anything else about him or the sketch, except that it was a wonderful example of comedic crafting.

FESTIVAL INFO: Each of the nightly performances will be held in the Prince Music Theater’s Independence Foundation Blackbox (1412 Chestnut St.). Tickets for an individual show block are $10 while a nightly pass costs $15-$20. As an additional bonus, a portion of tickets sales from this year’s festival as well as all proceeds from the annual Comedy Month raffle will benefit Career Wardrobe.

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