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Did P!nk Not Give The Most Memorable Performance At The American Music Awards Last Night?

Not sure if you were watching last night, but the American Music Awards are, well, they’re just a little bit of a joke. Hey hey. We’re not saying that award-winners don’t deserve the honor. And we’re not saying that forty years of tradition, one spawned by the late great Dick Clark, is anything to sneeze at. It’s just not determined by any kind of industry professional – it’s chosen by audiences and music buyers. COOL! Power to the people. The populous finally has a voice in a nebulous and overwrought award season! Except, they end up choosing Justin Bieber as Artist of the Year.

More than anything though, there’s reason enough to love the AMAs for their performances. And they are many. The performances make up for the watered-down and hilariously mild award recipients. Allow us to just recap some of last night’s winners: JB beat out Maroon 5, Drake, Katy Perry and Rihanna as Artist of the Year, the “Old Navy New Artist of the Year” went to Carly Rae Jepsen over Gotye, fun., J. Cole and One Direction, Pop/Rock Male Artist went to JB, again, over Flo Rida, Pitbull and Usher, and the Pop/Rock Female Artist is Rihanna, not Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj or Kelly Clarkson. That’s just a little taste. Check out this lovely Wikipedia entry that nicely charts out the rest of the bogus field.

To the performances. Standouts being buzzed about? Ke$ha. Social media lit up with her “flapjack ass” and “excellent tuck.” Christina tried to peddle new material from Lotus, but, well, the performance kind of fell flat. Kelly Clarkson did a solid job with a hits medley, Carrie Underwood was a professional, and then MC Hammer teamed up with that cot-damn PSY for a finale with, oh you know. Here’s an excellent roundup with every single performance embedded.

But, as far as we’re concerned, P!nk wowed the crowd and national audience with the most stunningly artistic and challenging performances of the night. Have you seen the original video for “Try“? Her second single from The Truth About Love? Well, it’s perfect. And she brilliantly recreated it live last night with a headpiece microphone. Her and her dancing partner amazingly translated the video to a live stage and she barely lost her breath! Seriously, the vocal is on point and you can tell that she IS NOT lip-syncing. What a talent, this one. Philadelphia could not be more proud of pop’s 2012 success story. Seems like people could care less about Christina’s new one, and are most definitely excited about the release of tomorrow’s Unapologetic from Rihanna, but P!nk continues to evolve as a best-selling pop artist in the most sophisticated and powerful ways. You should probably go ahead and get a good ticket to her March Wells Fargo visit ASAP.

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