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Photos: Moon & Arrow Opening Party

grand_opening_signSo it’s official: Moon & Arrow is one of my top five favorite local boutiques. And considering the steady flow of people who pilled into the massive Fabric Row storefront on Saturday for the grand opening celebration, it appears I’m not the only one enamored with owner, designer and Philly native, Chelsea Pearce’s enterprise.

The shop is somewhat peculiar in that it not only houses a cornucopia of merchandise, but a mix of both vintage and handmade. In addition to Chelsea’s line of gemstone and reclaimed metal jewelry and her amazing handpicked selection of vintage clothing, the space is filled with all sorts of interesting antique treasures and home goods.

This includes, but certainly isn’t limited to, beautiful hanging terrariums, rugs and glassware to books, cameras and typewriters. While some of the furnishings and décor are her own thrift findings, others are that of Territory Hard Goods, which now co-inhabits the space.

Extending the olive branch even further, the shop also carries a few indie labels and is currently showcasing works from local artists, Caitlin McCormack and Jason Chen.

What’s really remarkable is that, despite how varied, all of these items manage to fit within Chelsea’s personal moon&arrow_jewelryaesthetic, creating one cohesive and unique ambiance—a cross between a contemporary urban boutique and a warm Midwest cabin. Having serendipitously come dressed in cowboy boots and a denim button-up, I practically blended into the walls.

If you’re on the market for a pair of quality cowboy boots or nice winter coat/poncho, definitely consider Moon & Arrow your number one destination. Besides offering a lot of stellar choices, unlike most vintage stores in the city, Chelsea doesn’t jack up prices on certain items just because she knows people will pay them. Most of the jewelry, accessories and apparel falls in the $30-$60 price range. If an item does have a higher price tag, you know it’s because that’s how much its worth.

After ogling over everything and trying on a few outfits, I sat back with my glass of complimentary wine and popped open a hilarious book from the early 1900s on health and hygiene. It’s a good thing the only item the shop doesn’t have is a TV because then I probably would have never left.

Moon & Arrow is located at 754 S. 4th St. Hours are 12-7:30 p.m. Wednesday-Saturday and 12-5 p.m. on Sunday.

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Julia Mead  says:

Nicole, I was taking some photos at the opening at Moon & Arrow last weekend. I wanted to send you some shots I have of you. Very nice article!

Dec 4 10:25 AM

Nicole Finkbiner  says:

Hey Julia! You can send them to if you like. And thanks!!

Dec 4 12:18 PM

jewelleries  says:

It is a very nice blog! The jewels are really a contemporary urban boutique and a warm Midwest cabin; they are good. Unique!

Jun 14 1:37 AM


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