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My Christmas List

Before unveiling PW Style’s Holiday Gift Guide this week, it only seemed fair that I reveal what I myself am asking Santa for this Christmas. Here’s just a few of the many items on my list:


Lady Gaga Fame Eau de Parfum, $79

Because I don’t just want to look like a drag king, I want to smell like one too.

little baby's ice cream gift certificate

A Little Baby’s Gift Certificate

Any value between $10-$500 would be fine. Don’t think I can eat $500 worth of Little Baby’s frozen creations? Then clearly you mustn’t know me that well.


Concrete Polish’s double cubani link ring (silver), $175 / tree trunk crystal growth ring (rose gold/silver), $275

Love both. Want both. Would wear both every day.

modcloth_dresses Gift Card

Rather than just stalking the Website each week, it would be nice to actually buy something for a change.


Root, $35

It’s the one bottle of booze I really want to have in my liquor cabinet (night stand) and yet, I’ve never been able to justify buying it for myself.


Irregular Choice, “Bubba,” $142

While I’m particularly fond of these adorably gaudy heels, really any Irregular Choice shoe will do. I repeat: ANY IRREGULAR CHOICE SHOE WILL DO!

30_rock_hoodie 30 Rock zip hoodie, $50

I’d like to have at least something to memorialize the show once it goes off the air.


Dental Insurance

That’s right, all I want for Christmas is my two front teeth (along with my molars, incisors, premolars and canines). Actually, I suppose this is really more of a need than a want. It turns out Obamacare doesn’t include dental after all.

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