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Some Great Shows To Catch In The Next Few Nights

imageFrom here until Monday, there’s a handful of seriously excellent live music opportunities to take advantage of. Starting with tonight.


A few months back, we wrote about BMSR and their astoundingly successful Kickstarter. They did their newest record, Cobra Juicy, all on their own and used some creative incentives (sickening masks) to get people to donate. It worked. And Pennsylvania’s own mysterious weird rockers are going to make us proud tonight at Union Transfer and you’ll almost definitely see a few weird-face masks – it’ll be like an Eyes Wide Shut scene. Without all the nudity sex, probably. Get your tickets now.


Man, this one’s gonna be good. If you can do two Union Transfer nights in a row, you probaby should. Or if you can only do one, it’s this one. Once upon a time, we saw Japandroids tear up the Barbary with a crowd of probably 50. But now they’re big and on their regular visits to Philadelphia they become more and more obviously one of the most face-melting guitar-shredding heart-swelling proprietors of Celebration Rock. They’re loud, they’re anthemic, they’re infectiously earnest. And DIIV rules, too, so don’t miss the opener. They’re considerably chiller and more relaxed, so it should be an excellent combo. Get your tickets, ASAP.


Tauheed Epps, Tity Boi, whatever you wanna call him, he’s a sensation. He’s a big deal these days, guesting on everyone’s new records and pulling in some big names himself (you may have heard “Beez in the Trap“). Thing is, he’s kind of an enigma – a big deal but, uh, his flow’s vaguely weak. It’s slow is all, and he tends to rap about the same handful of things (like lots of emcees, we guess). But his are the trap, Similac and Bennihana. We gave him a Critic’s Pick this week and, whether or not he’s THAT good, it’s a show we think you should consider. It’s on Monday at the TLA.



So way back in the late ’90s, a husband-and-wife team started making simple, joyous indie rock with their own voices and multi-instrumental talents. It wasn’t until the early 2000s that they started hitting their stride and earning some recognition, but Team Boo, Bring It Back and Re-Arrange Us are three of the most delightful indie duo LPs one could ask for (especially Bring It). They’re classics. And while they may not be super pop-culturally relevant, to those who know and love these excellent records, we’re devotees of their pretty, smile-inducing love rock. This show’s going to be excellent and it’s at Johnny Brenda’s on Monday night.

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