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Three Great Shows At UT This Week, Bing Bang Boom

imageWednesday to Friday is a pretty outstanding one-two-three punch at Union Transfer.


Bey’s sister announced this little tour no more than a couple weeks ago, right on the heels of the release of her super-duper EP, True, a seven-song short album that’s jam-packed full of soulful indie pop goodness. Her collaboration with Dev Hynes, her creative partner and songwriting teammate, for Terrible Records is showing up on all kinds of Top Albums of 2012 lists. The price of admission, mere $15, should be worth it to see what kind of outfits and dance moves she pulls out.


In the mood for some tropical rhythms and sub-equatorial-flavored grooves? This show’ll undoubtedly transport you to a warmer, more summery world. Antibalas is a Brooklyn-based afrobeat collective productive since the late ’90s, most recently associated with the Daptones label (Sharon Jones, holler), who specialize in worldly funk. These vaguely jam band-tinged super-grooves are ideal for a little stress relief. With West Philadelphia Orchestra opening, this night’s sure to be dance-heavy, if a little hippied-out but judgement-free; and, ya know, no one’ll care how you dance, man, as long as you don’t mess with their aura. Should be not only chill but low-fuss, a melting pot of stoners and funk-seekers. Tickets are $15.


Part of the appeal of this show is how little we know. KDTU typically includes Karl Denson, the legendary mid-50s jazz and funk saxophonist whose Greyboy Allstars and Tiny Universe have churned out excellent recordings of various vibes, complexities and funkiness over the past 20+ years (he started out playing for Lenny Kravitz in the late ’80s). Since Adam Yauch “MCA” died this past May at the age of 47 from cancer, it seems like the Beastie Boys are essentially over as we know them. With Ad-Rock and Mike D left behind, it’s hard to imagine them passing off any future live shows or records as the Beastie Boys. With a plethora of amazing tribute opportunities to cherry-pick from the B Boys’ deep, dope catalogue, this show could be truly amazing. Tickets are $25.

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