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Thurston Moore’s Guitar Was Stolen From The Best Western On 22nd Street And Pennsylvania Avenue Last Night

Sonic Youth’s had some tough luck when it comes to gear. They got a whole truck worth of gear stolen in a robbery back in 1999. But last night (12/12/12/) around midnight, Moore had his (circa) 1960 Fender Jazzmaster swiped from the Best Western in the Art Museum area. He posted some details on the band’s website: his iconic black sticker-covered Jazzmaster, it has a Mastery bridge and the pick guard has been changed so some stickers may be different, and the serial number is #41927.

The band is looking for guitar store owners and retailers to keep their eye out for such a guitar so that it may be returned to its rightful owner. A police report has been filed. Big ups to Pitchfork for looking out, too. People with knowledge of guitars and music stores certainly feel his pain and will do their best to keep an eye out.

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