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Two Holiday Shows Definitely Worth Seeing


Photo: Wide Eyed Studios

If any night this week you should find yourself sitting at home re-watching Elf for the hundredth time or, even worse, one of those ABCFamily Original holiday movies inevitably starring some washed-up 90s B-Lister, here’s what you should do:

Put down the remote immediately, get dressed, head to The Adrienne Theater and purchase tickets for BCKSEET Productions‘ new holiday musical EL Fuego as well as the Philly Improv Theater’s new mouthful of a show: 100% Improvised Baby Jesus’ Menorah Kwanztravaganza & Comedy Spectacular (On Ice).*

Not only will you save yourself some cash by buying a combo-ticket, but you’ll be ensuring you get a well-rounded night of season-appropriate entertainment.

Starting with EL Fuego, the show opens in the North Pole after a devastating fire has killed countless of innocent elves. Those who didn’t loose their lives in the blaze are now on strike, refusing to carry out Santa’s dirty work another day under such demanding and unsafe conditions. It’s all up to one brave little soul, Scab The Elf (Sarah Doherty) to save Christmas, a task that entails trekking to North America and kidnapping four unemployed humans then holding them hostage and forcing them to speak in rhyme.

The production reminded me of Glee in the way that it’s very openly and unapologetically cheesy, but still super sharp at the same time. Now obviously, if you’re not a fan of musicals, this show is going to feel like probably going to be torturous for you.

Those who do enjoy the occasional song and dance on the other hand, are going to be absolutely delighted. Not only is playwright/musical director and BCKSEET artistic director, Kate Brennan quite the lyrical genius, but the talented cast proved far more enjoyable than I could have initially imagined. Both Maria Konstantindis (Euki) and Cindy Spitko (Hope) gave me chills every time they opened their mouths.

Simply put, if you don’t leave EL Fuego feeling unusually giddy, take it as a sign that you’re completely dead inside.

Regardless, you’re going to want to stick around till 9 p.m. to see what sort of spontaneous holiday magic the phit_holiday_logomembers of PHIT’s stellar house teams are able to create with the help of a lucky audience member.

This person will be asked to reveal one of their best/worst Christmas memories (a guaranteed source of some pretty great comedic material) and the troupe will then use their skills and wits to recreate said family gathering—a greatly exaggerated version, of course. The fact that they’ll be doing it all within the El Fuego set (the scorched interior of Santa’s workshop) only adds to the overall experience.

*Oh, and they’re not actually performing on ice, just in case you wondering.

But how awesome would it be if next year, the Philly Improv Theater and BCKSEET Productions join forces and created the first ever 100 Percent Improvised Holiday Musical On Ice?

7pm/9pm. Through Dec. 31. $12-$35. Skybox @ The Adrienne Theatre, 2030 Sansom St. 267.233.1556.

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