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Vote For All Things PW In The Philebrity Awards And Then Go See Them Given Out On Wednesday At Johnny Brenda’s

Last year, our own Tara Murtha (@TaraMurtha) swiped the award for Outstanding Excellence In Writing For A City Publication, beating out Daniel Denvir from City Paper with an impressive 200+-vote margin. This year there are not one but TWO Philadelphia Weekly friends on the ballot (and polls are open until Wednesday). When the award nominees first got announced, former music writer Elliot Sharp (@ElliotSharp) was still soap-boxin’ beautifully in our pages and blogs. The man was a force of nature: productive, knowledgeable, passionate, and opinionated. He’s still kicking his game, just not for PW anymore, but for the excellent work he did for us, he certainly deserves consideration. As does our friend and comrade, Randy LoBasso; a great dude, a smart writer and a newshound we’re proud to have on Team PW. (@RandyLoBasso)

Some of the other categories are fun to weigh in on, too. Especially the New Musical Artist Of The Year category. Spacin’ might be our pick, we wrote about their new Philly affiliation a ways back, but you can check out Chill Moody on Wednesday night, too, to see for yourself. They, along with a nice roster of other talents, will provide some dope entertainment at Johnny Brenda’s. Some of the other nominees’ll be bangin’ out Christmas tunes, old and new all night, as well as one of our other favorites, The Homophones. In the past, you could vote AND see the current results right up until the grand finale XMas Pageant and award ceremony. This year, they mixed it up a little and the vote results went dark on Friday – so if you get a vote in before 3pm on Wednesday, you won’t see how the races are shaping up. The event’s free but you’ll wanna bring some cheddar for some Art In The Age dranks (you know em’: Root, Snap, Rhubarb, Sage and Spodee).

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