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Chief Keef’s At The TLA Tomorrow Night

There’s a growing strain of nearly absurdist hip-hop artist and emcees. Back in the day, there used to be so much more influence and interest in the vanguards of hip-hop; melody, samples, and lyricism about the black experience, the ghetto, and growing up poor. In this newest generation of hip-hop artists are pretty plainly obsessed with the same handful of things: collecting paper, the trap and drugs, and labels/fashion. There’s even rarely a diversity of beats and samples used – seems like so much hip-hop uses the same drum machines and synth rolls. Regardless, there’s still some entertainment appeal in these ovoer-the-top hip-hop youngbloods. One of em’s Chief Keef.

He’s a pretty successful YouTube sensation at this point. “They Know” has racked up almost three million views. “Kobe” has over five million views. And below, check out the over 10 million-viewed “Everyday.” Not sure this is actually a thing? Check out Trinidad James’ “All Gold Everything.” Keef’s Finally Rich came out just two days ago.

Joining him is a slew of guests: BlondeGang, Frat, Lee Mazin, Ar-AB, Young Savage, Ground Up, and Tiani Victoria. Tickets are a whopping $30.

YouTube Preview Image

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