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Well, Looks Like Phrequency’s Dead

This was kind of a surprise. And a sad one, really. Phrequency was, though spotty in its consistency, an often great voice in Philly media. They tasked a small army of photographers, writers and city-shakers to document a vibrant music and arts community here in our city. There’s so much going on that it’s tough for papers and blogs like ours to keep track of it all. We were often tipped off or reminded of things happening in Philly that we didn’t know about or had forgotten about.

There’s not really much in the ways of any kind of announcement on Phrequency itself. The cooler, hipper branch of just sends you now to a link of blogs/things_to_do – a whack and ugly one, at that.

Of course, our friends over at Philebrity had something cunty to say about it. The title itself is a slap in the seemingly exctint blog’s face: “Philebrity Outlives Another Dumb Blog That Was Supposed To Be Like Philebrity.”

We’re in a shrinking media world and things die. It happens. But it’s surreal that a google of Phrequency yields NOTHING in the ways of archives.

Somewhere, mad contributors are grieving. We feel you.

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lifeonthehorizon  says:

As an artist who’s about to release his (and the band’s) debut record, this is upsetting. It was on my list of contacts, and is my favorite drinking glass (I think it was a gift at a Grammy viewing party??)

Aug 26 8:45 PM


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