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Mayor Nutter’s Top 10 Songs (Not All FROM 2012) Of 2012

We know that Mayor Nutter’s trying to be a cool mayor. Most of that time we’re not unimpressed. He tweets, he likes hip-hop, and he’s not completely culturally blind. And while a handful of’s “Mayor Nutter’s top 10 songs of 2012” picks aren’t surprising, some of them are kind of hilarious. Let’s analyze and split em’ up into categories.


#1 and #2 are pretty standard for a 55-year-old mayor of a major city: “Girl on Fire” from Alicia Keys and “Otis” from Jay-Z and Kanye West, respectively. We know he loves Jay and that video prominently features a giant American flag. He also gives a small nod to the sampled original, sighting a love for “Try A Little Tenderness.” Kudos. And while I may have an irrational hate for the stupid and corny music video for “Girl on Fire,” that doesn’t mean that its anthemic charm isn’t lost on me. The rest of the single track-titled record is too good for me to deny that Alicia Keys is a powerful force in pop music.

Also not a big surprise, #4 is Rihanna’s “We Found Love” (which is really from last year’s Talk That Talk and became a superfluous hit in 2012, but we’ll allow it) and #8 is The Roots’ “The Fire,” which is from the two-year-old How I Got Over. Couldn’t pick anything from the astounding 2012 release, undun? Hmm.

Not terribly, but, a little surprising is a choice of Melody Gardot and his #7 pick of “Over The Rainbow.” It’s from a 2009 record called My One and Only Thrill, not a song from her 2012 release, The Absence. A bright and exciting Philadelphia talent, no doubt, but I guess we’re just going to have to bend our idea of what his Songs of 2012 are – songs that are from whenever that he listened to a lot because he’s a busy man.


Christina Aguilera’s great, but she hasn’t really done anything stunning in a while other than talk about her dislike of underwear and how seriously she takes The Voice. Her #3-picked “Makes Me Wanna Pray” is mystifying. It appears to be only listed on a live “Back to Basics” DVD from 2008. WHAT?

Even crazier? #9 and #10 – respectively Whitney’s “Greatest Love of All” and Bette Midler’s “The Wind Beneath My Wings.” There are no words.

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