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Tonight! Holiday Hangover Spectacular at the Tin Angel


As the great Rod Stewart once crooned, tonight’s the night! Sick of family? Love your family and sick of bad-family jokes? Either way, tonight is the perfect night to slip into your new mittens and gather ‘round the hearth for one more gasp of holiday cheer before succumbing to the great recuperative slumber til New Year’s Eve.

Tonight’s all-star concert at the Tin Angel is good—and good for you. Before I get into all the fun we’ll be having, let’s discuss all the good feelings that will rise and radiate through your rib cage like the sun as you fork over the $10 for your ticket: All proceeds will go toward Union Beach, New Jersey. If you didn’t hear about Union Beach (even when the national news finally picked up the story weeks after the fact), it’s a tiny town in Monmouth County that sits on the Raritan Bay that was basically smashed to smithereens by Hurricane Sandy. It’s my hometown. In the days after the storm, the town was almost completely ignored by both national media more interested in smashed boardwalk tourist money-making taffy towns than working-class township with an elementary school so damaged it still isn’t expected to re-open any time soon.

I drove down and reported on the damage for PW and then I organized this concert to do more.

You can read about it here, check out photos here, and watch a video of a family struggling to process their loss here. (Next week, PW will be returning to the shore for a follow-up look at the aftermath.)

On to the acts: Ever since Juliet Hope Wayne (above) broke the phallus barrier at New York City’s the Moth by becoming the first woman to win a storytelling grandslam, she’s been on fire, carving her stories down to into diamonds in all kinds of venues all over the city, and was recently voted best comedian in Philadelphia by PhillyMag. Wayne will be telling stories and co-hosting with yours truly. The DoublewidesJeremy Hollis, Jesse Lundy*, Phil D’Agostino and Chris Kasper—is a somewhat secretive band built of the catchiest rock riffs this side of the Schuylkill, the one with the trailer summer houses on the river, not the real big nice ones on the other side. Foxhound is the project of Chris Kasper—who, after years of quietly slow-grinding his hustle, is universally recognized as one of the best songwriters to come out of Philadelphia—and fiddler wiz everywhere-woman Kiley Ryan. Heart-of-gold cardiologist and musician with the cutest name in town Suzie Brown will be playing some old favorites and, as we understand it, new songs with the inimitable Mick-strutting, Grammy-winning, Nashville songwriting six-string swashbuckler Scot Sax. And finally, we couldn’t be more happy that we asked, and he said yes: Philebrity’s Joey Sweeney will be playing an acoustic set plucked from his lifetime catalogue of break-ups and bands. Like the best cocktails, this show is an unlikely mix with a nice, smooth finish.

It will be awesome. See you there!—TARA MURTHA

8pm sharp. $10. Tin Angel, 20 S. 2nd Street.

*Full disclosure: We hang out. A lot.

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