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The Spring/Summer Trends of 2013

Normally, I could give a rat’s ass about following seasonal trends, mainly because said trends are almost never new (like, no shit white is “in” for summer). I also prefer not to think about warmer weather when there’s still a looming threat of a blizzard.

But I happened to stumble onto a few fashion Websites the other day and was pleasantly surprised by their 2013 spring/summer fashion forecasts. Here’s four somewhat less obvious trends you can expect to see filling racks everywhere in a few months:

Peek-a-Boo Midriffs


Jailbird Stripes


Lace, Lace, And More Lace


60s Inspired


Nicole Finkbiner | Jan 2 2013 12:46pm | DESIGN, FASHION, SHOPPING, Spring/summer fashion, roundups, spring fashion | Comments 0


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