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OH SNAP! Angel Haze And Azealia Banks Are Hardcore Beefin’ On Twitter And Now Angel’s Got A Diss Track

imageThis isn’t really about Philly. It’s just about two of the baddest up-and-coming female emcees in the game right now. See, Azealia we all know pretty well. Her “212″ was a smash hit and we’ve been dancing to it at gay clubs for the entirety of 2012. Then she gave us an EP, 1991 at the beginning of this past June, and followed that up with a mixtape called Fantasea, which dropped only 6-7 weeks after the EP. Naturally, as a young star, she’s also served up a handful of music videos, all of them fairly stunning: “212,” “Liquorice,” “Van Vogue,” and “Luxury,” to name a few. But a lot of haters have been focused on the fact that she hasn’t put out a proper album. She’s got a deal with Interscope/Polydor, and, truly, has pushed back the release date of Broke With Expensive Taste more than once. It is currently set to be set free on Ferbruary 12, 2013. By most accounts, she’s doing nothing wrong by taking her time and building up excitement around a debut album and making sure it’s right and tight; however, what if the record’s not ALLLLLL that. Oh, did we mention Banks is 21 and Harlem for life?

Enter Angel Haze. She’s a phenom and she’s from Detroit, proudly reppin’ the 313 whenever she can but she’s been in New York recently and put out a standout track called “New York” – it’s fly as shit. Angel’s pretty much the same age but would be considered much newer to the game. She doesn’t have as much buzz surrounding her and hasn’t received the kudos and accolades her arch-nemesis has. But that doesn’t mean we’re not just as excited for her; especially after hearing the insane “Cleaning Out my Closet” and “Bitch Bad.” So when Azealia took to her twitter (@azealiabanks) and wrote: “Seriously, if you were not born and raised in NY…. DON’T CLAIM NY. YOU ARE NOT A NEW YORKER.”, Angel (@angelhaze) didn’t take too kindly to it.

In fact, she wrote and spit out a damning and vicious diss track called “On The Edge.” It’s nasty. She calls her out on taking forever to put out her record, saying she’s more done than her on HER new record and she started it last week. She calls her a ghetto Easter bunny and cites some kind of weird text strain she may or may not have feasted her eyes on (see image above) in which Banks talks about being lonely and drinking like a white woman – “on some sex and the city shit.”

DAMN! Ladies, ladies. Can’t we all just rap stunningly and make men look like chumps together? It looks like they were going to collaborate, but I doubt that’s happening anytime soon. It should be fun to watch these two’s careers play out over the next few months. Take it to the studio, strong women.

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