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Cover Story: Milkboy The Studio

Today’s the day a new issue hits the stands with a music cover story I wrote about Tommy Joyner and Jamie Lokoff’s takeover of “The Studio” on Seventh Street over by the Electric Factory. Larry Gold’s the man and his interview was a treat. Do head over to the PW site for a read and Tweet it and Like it on Facebook and comment on it and all that.

Here’s an excerpt:

““The studio business isn’t just about gear,” Joyner says. “It’s about the experience. We try to make [musicians] feel good while they’re here. We try to make them feel as comfortable and relaxed and inspired as possible, so that they can create the best possible version of themselves on tape. And if they do it well, that makes more people want to come here.”

This month marks the first anniversary of MilkBoy’s move to its new Center City recording studio on Seventh Street adjacent to the Electric Factory, a facility formerly called simply The Studio. Before they took it over, it was already arguably the greatest studio in Philadelphia. Now that it’s MilkBoy the Studio? There’s no argument. 


Those who know MilkBoy primarily at street level, who identify the name with its two coffee shop/live-music venues in Ardmore and Center City, may be surprised to learn that its behind-the-scenes business as a destination recording studio for hit musicians the world ‘round is the older, larger part of the operation. After spending the ‘90s in a space above Zapf’s Music in North Philly, Joyner and Lokoff moved to a bigger studio in Ardmore, where they thrived for more than a decade, hosting recording sessions by the likes of Dave Matthews as well as countless smaller, independent acts. 

In 2005, deciding an all-ages performance venue would be a logical addition to the company, they opened the homey MilkBoy Coffee in Ardmore. Slowly but surely, they came to realize that long-term success and stability for a live-music scene would be found in the city itself, and in 2011, they built MilkBoy’s slick café at 11th and Chestnut, blending coffee shop and bar beneath a second-story performance space. 

And just as they were getting ready to open the new joint’s doors, Larry Gold came knocking.

Go ‘head and Like these guys on the Facebook, both as a venue and as a studio. They’re doing cool things for this city.

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