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Listen To Kurt Vile & The Violators’ “Freak Train” Live With Bradford Cox

imageWhat feels like forever ago but was only three years ago, Kurt Vile put out the OUTSTANDING Childish Prodigy. He’d signed to Matador and Philadelphia was beaming with pride. This record turned out to be one of the best of the year in our city and in any city. It was a record that put Vile, the Violators and Philadelphia on an indie rock map of the northeast/American rock music. That same year, Vile and the Violators put out a limited edition EP called The Hunchback. And as of today, you can buy a souped-up reissue of The Hunchback via Philadelphia’s own Richie Records/Testostertunes.

On it, when you buy the special edition vinyl, you get a half-dozen bonus track downloads. And on one of em’, you get the excellent “Freak Train” with a special guest in the form of Deerhunter/solo star Bradford Cox. It’s a 9-minute droney, long-hair-swaying lo-fi beauty from a show Vile and the Violators put on at the Earl in Atlanta in August of ‘11. Give it a listen. Then head over to the Testostertunes site for a beefy re-packaged special moment in time from 2009.

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