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Hogs And Kisses: Fun Philanthrophy

imageIt’s not that often that you get a bang-up lineup for a show and the mushy, warm feeling that every cent of your ticket’s going to a good place. Sure, we like the feeling of supporting artists with ticket purchases whose incomes have been flipped upside down by stuff like streaming records and torrent downloads. So this one’s a no-brainer on that note, because we love Pig Iron and because supporting one of Philadelphia’s treasured cultural collectives also comes with Martha Graham Cracker’s beguiling ways and maybe some titties. Well, almost definitely some titties.

At the Trocadero on Friday, February 1st, For the Love of Pig Iron: HOGS AND KISSES, the Pig Iron Theatre Company will hold its annual fundraising soiree. And just in time for Valentine’s Day season, this year’s theme is L-O-V-E love. In their own words: “Love gone wrong. Love gone right. And just as frequently, love gone weird. Hey, it takes all kinds.” PREACH.

imageYes, Martha, also known as Dito van Reigersberg, one of Pig Iron’s three Creative Directors, will be present to fab up a night of rock ‘n roll, cabaret, burlesque, musical performances and probably a ton of surprises that will shock, awe and arouse. In addition to the “7-foot-tall Venus in Fake Furs,” you’ll be entertained by: “The rogue with the golden pipes, Johnny Showcase,” The Ladies of Bang!, haunting baroque balladeers, Murmuration, Philadelphia Circus Arts’ Acrobats of the Heart, The Divine Hand Ensemble, The Peek-A-Boo Revue, and Emcee Quinn Bauriedel, AKA “The Cupid with the Cuspids.”

You can also bid on a bunch of goodies, some of which from this list may not be actual things to bid on: “Weekend getaways to San Diego, a Pig Iron play performed in your living room, sumptuous meals at fancy dimly-lit restaurants, couples’ portraits, white-dove releasings, hot-air balloon rides, troubadour services, lace doilies, and personal cheese concierges.”

You can be like most good-natured entertainment-seeking philanthropically-minded arts-lovers and pay the $25 general admission fee, or you can go balls out and make it a VIP night (and claim some of your ticket for tax reasons – wait, how does that work?) with a $90 and $125 ticket package that includes a t-shirt.

Not sure if you’ve ever seen Martha sing, but, well, she’s got pipes. $25 is a pittance for this creature’s performance skills. Might have something to do with her being a CREATIVE DIRECTOR. Pig Iron should creatively direct my life.

* Martha photo c/o of Michael T. Regan photography.

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