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Saturday Is Tittie City’s Three Year Anniversary

imageThree years, hunh? That’s a nice run for a Philly DJ party. Though it’s not explicitly queer, The Dive and the nights’ DJ(s) aren’t exactly heterosexual. Which we like. Take it from Mr. Chris Wargo’s mouth:

image“Tittie City is a dance party on the second floor at The Dive (947 E Passyunk Ave). The music mostly consists of rock jams, jock jams, and space jams. Anything from Bowie dance floor fillers to 90s R&B baby makers. The Dive is a dark and smoky bar that also has a separate lounge area with a dart board, pool table, and erotic photo hunt. Over the last three years Tittie City’s vibe has been perfect for people that want to dance or just chill with some friends. Our wonderful hostess/bartender, Jenny, also fuels the party and adds to the great vibe.”

imageIt’s also nice to see a queer-run party that isn’t about divas and pop music. Pop music will be spun, no doubt, but primarily pop music from decades past (which isn’t always so popular in the gayborhood). Homosexuals like music that heterosexuals like, too.

Here’s a little more background on T.C. from Wargo: “Tittie City began in February 2010 when Melissa Lena and Phlash decided to start a dance party in South Philadelphia. During that time there weren’t too many venues hosting such parties. The Dive offered Melissa and Phlash a night to spin their favorite jams. Chris Wargo and joeidell were introduced into the line up in August 2010 after Melissa moved on to other projects including her band ‘Your Girlfriend’.”

The music influence mostly comes from the DJs favorites from the 90s and early 2000s.

Here’s a link to the Facebook event, and a link to a Bowie jam that’s the bomb.

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