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Bleeding Rainbow’s Yeah Right Is Pretty Awesome And They’re Playing In Philly On Valentine’s Day

imageI remember when they were Reading Rainbow and I got a copy of Prism Eyes because I asked nicely. They are, esentially, the same band. But now they’re Bleeding Rainbow and they’re four people instead of two. At the core is the married couple, Rob Garcia and Sarah Everton; Richmond transplants and current Philadelphians. They were in a band called Forensic Teens, which was far screamier than Bleeding Rainbow currently is. It’s always funny how these things work out – Sarah ended up picking up drumsticks and beating time one night when their drummer bailed on a gig. It took. She started performing on a stripped-down kit; a snare and a floor tom, mostly to keep time. Garcia’s fuzzy, feedback-heavy guitars filled out the sound while they both sang over the top of their loud, My Bloody Valentiney harmonies. But something shifted. They kept getting dumb quesitons from journalists about PBS and Levar Burton. Plus Carrie Brownstein, Portlandia and Sleater-Kinney superstar of the indie world, didn’t really like it. So they ditched it.

imageThey picked up another guitarist, Al Creedon, and Everton let Greg Frantz man an undertsandably fuller kit. But it didn’t really alter their mission or vibe. They’ve always lead a pack of lo-fi punk-flavored wall of sound revivalists: Wavves, DIIV, Beach Fossils, Wild Nothing and Young Prisms included. Every once in a while they quietly slide into fits of pretty rock, in which their sound cleans up a bit and strides toward conventional indie rock riffs and grooves. With Everton’s deadpan delivery and the band’s simple rhyhtms, one might even hear flecks of Metric, Cults, or even, well maybe Best Coast. But the beauty’s in the madness with this band. Sometimes they sound downright chaotic, which is part of the fun. Because really, when indie rock fans like punk-FLAVORED music, most of the time they don’t actually like when a band goes all the way punk. It’s scary. So when a band like Bleeding Rainbow goes right up to the edge but pulls you back with a clean hook or a soaring chorus, it feels so good.

They’re at Johnny Brenda’s on Valentine’s Day. Their brand new Yeah Right is on Spotify. Go. Listen. Tickets are $10; Pet Milk and Ghost Light open.

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