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Pissed Jeans’ Fourth, Honeys, Is Out Today

imageYou may have heard of these guys – they’re starting to becoming THE Philadelphia band. However, their area of expertise is snarling punk rock that focuses on the unchangeable ennui of life as we’ve come to know it. In a way, that’s always what punk’s been about – damn the man, screw the system, we wade through bullshit all the time, etc. But what’s so refreshingly sophisticated about these 12 new tracks is how they conceive of and execute the trope of punk with regard to the kinds of things we’ve come to accept as regular annoyances and frustrations; and how when they pile up on you it feels just plain suffocating.

Yesterday, Pitchfork reviewed the Philly-via-Allentown’s newest with a strong 8.1, and, to be perfectly honest, there’s some good writing in here. In fact, it’d take mulitple listens and dedicated earnest spins to tease out lyrics and themes. The magic is mostly in the thrust of the guitars, endless screams, merciless percussion and muscular pace. But, in the interest of concisely showing you what kind of content is delivered by these angry wails, take a look at this excerpt from Ian Cohen’s review:

imageHoneys is the most concentrated and consistent display of what Korvette does best. He’s reliably quotable largely because his deadpan literalism allows him to be funny without aspiring to cleverness, and lets the ridiculousness of his actions and those of others speak for themselves: a chemically processed, preservative-laden frozen meal calls itself “Healthy Choice,” a stick figure family decal on a car proudly boasts one’s humility, the friendly “ding” accompanying an incoming email reveals the death of a coworker, a lazy boyfriend who thinks his girl should appreciate the effort it takes for him to say “let’s do it.”"

Cohen’s review focuses, primarily, on the content within the lyrics of these songs: commiseration rock, he calls it. A punk that’s born of frustration and helplessness that comes with feeling like an office drone with no hope for escape, and perhaps a rage that essentially has to get stifled because it’s hard to dignify loathing people talking about cat allergies and gluten intolerances. While it’s exciting to hear songs written about stuff like this because it’s so rare for psychological and intellectual nuances of our lives that maybe we try to repress and Pissed Jeans is able to tease out of us, of course, it wouldn’t be what it is without the shredding guitars and in-your-face energy. It’s what perfectly compliments the burning feeling that we are merely getting through each day without submitting to the piling-up of frustrations that push us closer to the edge.

You can catch them bludgeoning eardrums at Underground Arts on Friday with Lantern and Leather; tickets are going for only $12. Doors are at 8p and openers go on at 9p.

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