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East Passyunk Restaurant Week is Approaching

east-passyunk-restaurant-weekFolks, get ready to eat your faces off.

This Sunday, East Passyunk Avenue will be kicking off it’s first ever Restaurant Week with 21 of its award-winning restaurants inviting locals a chance to get their grub on for cheap. More specifically, this deal entails a 3-course prix fixe lunch and/or dinner for either $15, $25 or $35 dollars.

That’s right, $15 measly dollars for a three-course meal. I’m not even sure you can get three meals at McDonald’s for that cheap. Several participating chefs will be offering special off-menu items in addition to their usual specialties.

Perhaps the best part of it all is the diversity of restaurants you have to choose from. Besides pricier foodie favorites like Le Virtu ($35), Birra ($25) and Tre Scalini ($35), there’s more low-key eateries like South Philly Bar & Grill ($15), Fuel ($15) and Stogie Joe’s ($15/$25). My own personal faves: El Zarape ($15/$25), Cantina Los Caballitos ($25) and Stateside ($35).

Last but not least, while East Passyunk may have recently been deemed “Philly’s Food Neighborhood of the Year” by Zagat, it also happens to be a great place to other things besides eating, like shopping. There’s vintage hot spots like Era Atomica (1726 EPA) and 1600 Below Vintage (1600 EPA) as well as the trendy apparel of Fabric Horse (1737 EPA), Metro Men’s Clothing (1615 EPA). Last but not least, Nice Things…Handmade (1731 EPA) has everything you could possibly want, all handmade, mostly by local artisans.

For cheap/flat-out broke/unadventurous eaters like myself, this is a great opportunity to finally get out and try all those restaurants you’ve been he hearing good things about. Hell, it’s a good opportunity to enjoy a non-microwaved meal for a change.

So go ahead and start making some reservations!

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