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Who Wants To Be A Local Comedy Star?

PHIT_SweepsWhether you’re already a regularly performing comedian or just a funny Average Joe dying to get your hands on a microphone, you now have a chance to become the Philly Improv Theater’s next bright and shiny comedic star.

For its first-ever Sweeps Weeks, the theater is currently seeking submissions for a hilarious original new monthly variety show to add to their already awesome weekly/monthly line-up. It could be a game show. It could be a talk show. It could be a show that incorporates music, dancing and puppetry. It could be a puppet game show. Whatever. As long as it’s not strictly improv or sketch, the sky’s the limit.

If interested, have your concept thoroughly fleshed out by March 10 and to shoot an email to PHIT’s Variety Producer and incredibly talented Jill of Trades, Ms. Jessica Ross ( with your name, email addy and the subject “Sweeps Weeks.” You’ll receive a reply by March 14 with a brief survey regarding the various details of your show. Be sure to provide a very thorough description. The more they know, the better your chances.

In May, selected applicants will be giving a chance to perform a 30-minute “pilot” for a live audience, who will then rate the show, determining whether or not it advances to the semifinal round. Those final four semifinalists will perform again on May 29, then the two to make it out alive will perform one last time on June 5. Ultimately, it’ll be up to a panel of judges to decide who deserves to be invited back each month.

Even if you’re show isn’t picked, you’ll still get some much needed feedback should you want to go on and try to have it produced elsewhere. Or you’ll be the laughing stock of the town, which is exactly what you wanted in the first place.

I highly recommend checking out a few of the million different indie local comedy shows going on around the city, pretty much any night of the week for both inspiration and research. As always, PHIT has a jam-packed weekend of laughs in store.

Be sure to check back when the Sweeps Weeks get underway in May as I will most definitely be sizing up the competition.

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