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Go See Devotchka Tonight


Before there was Beirut, capitalizing on the trendiness of world sounds in indie rock, Devotchka was paving the way with their bizarro spaghetti western-influenced bleeding heart folk. Though they’ve been putting out records since 2000, it was in 2006 that they really started to get the exposure and love they deserve.

On Morning Becomes Eclectic, the famed KCRW radio show, Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris heard a Devotchka tune and contacted the Denver band to provide the soundtrack for their film Little Miss Sunshine. The film, obviously, went on to great critical success and the soundtrack garnered a Grammy nomination.

However, their stellar EP from 2006, Curse Your Little Heart, and the follow-up to the success of the soundtrack, 2008’s A Mad & Faithful Telling, were records that cemented my love for this totally unique sound. They use all kinds of weird stuff: theremin, accordian, organ, sousaphone, bouzouki, trumpt and melodica.

There’s something about them that feels like the circus. They’d fit right in underneath the big top alongside sword-throwers, fire breathers and stilt-walkers. It’s just a little freaky (in a good way).

Tickets are $24 in advance and $26 at the door and Pearl & The Beard open. Doors are at 7pm and show starts at 8pm.

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