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Beyonce Supports Marriage Equality In A Handwritten Instagrammed Note


Yup, the Queen Bey seems to be all in on supporting her very gay fanbase. And with this brilliant collection of Instagram comments, dutifully dug up by our friend and distinguished alum at the Village Voice, Brian McManus, we are briefed on the shitstorm that ensued. See, it makes sense. Beyonce’s a big pop star and she has Christian and gospel roots. And for some fans, Beyonce’s the paradigm of clean morals and modest beauty; a hardworking humble girl from Texas. So for her to come out, vocally, and advocate for gay marriage as the Supreme Court hears arguments for and against the Defense of Marriage Act and Prop 8, well it pissed some people off. Obviously, it also thrilled millions of Bey-hive worshippers who feel excited to continue to support a seemingly LGBT-friendly pop star, but some Christians are ripshit. They’re ready to abandon Beyonce like she’s Satan’s tool to convert the masses into heathens and perverts. You’ve surely noticed waves of Facebook profile pictures turning into red equal signs, and Bey’s added to a quickly growing list of even moderate and Christian folks who are proudly affirming simple guarantees of rights and protections. Need a reminder of how bleak the state of Pennsylvania’s LBGT citizens’ rights are? Check out Randy LaBosso’s helpful and informative rundown on the brutal truth.

We thought we’d pull a few choice ones from Brian’s blog post to share with you these entertaining pearls of discourse:

@redbadchica: “Marriage should be between a man and woman and that’s it! Just because the media and society says its ok does not mean that I do! We are all entitled to believe what we want and I will raise my kids to know that this bs isn’t right no matter how much society throws it in our face! Ppl are so stupid if they think that this girl OR HER HUSBAND agree with this shit. It’s a good career move to fight for gay rights!”

Isn’t it mystifying how some spelling and grammar fixes would make this bullshit just a little more digestible?

This one’s great especially for the use of “Adam and Jose”: @star562: “Adam and Eve were put on this earth for a reason. If the Lord intended to have same sex marriage the Mighty one would have put Adam and Jose or Ellen and Christi but he didn’t. Now if you want to be in a same sex relationship then go for it. But there is no way two people of the same sex will have their signature on an official certificate. No way.”

And then there are these two gems:

@janyouweary: “Im not tryna preach on instagram, but @2sweeet_t is right fans. Its always an opposing force to another; opposite. Black/white, day/night, male/female, God/devil. We are merely on this planet to find or way to Heaven as creations of God. The devil is here to cast us astray. Homosexuality is an abomination whether our paths decide that for us or not. If you don’t believe in God/His word; the Bible…Im sorry but Im no judge.”

@fashion_icon25: “This world coming to an end, people really think its okay for women to fuck women and men to fuck men . Smh , Satan got all his hoes out.”

Satan got all his hoes out! It’s too much.

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