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C’Mon, Questlove: Unblock Derek Webb Already


My beautiful PW colleague, Anastasia Barbalios, likes when Twitter-literate stars post frequently on Twitter. I can, frankly, take it or leave it. Singer-singwriter Derek Webb, however, made it perfectly clear a while back that at least one of his favorite celebrities, the Roots’ omnipresent Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson, was riding his nerves like a Point Dume wave with those incessant tweets:

man, trying to follow @questlove again. SUCH a huge fan of his & the roots. but i almost need a whole separate feed just for him. whew.

Well, that 135-character screed cost the former vocalist-guitarist for the contemporary Christian rock crew Caedman’s Call his slot among Thompson’s 2.5 million-plus Twitter followers: The famously coiffed Root immediately blocked Webb from his feed, making the eclectic, Houston-based musician his first verified Twitter follower to be blocked, according to the Houston Chronicle. (Hey, make history however you can, brother Derek.)

But you know what? That was six days before Christmas. In 2011. Time to let bygones be bygones, especially since Webb has gone and recorded “#Unblokme”—with hashtag and all —an incredibly-catchy, soul-drenched plea to be brought back into Quest’s ever-expanding Twitterverse:

Dear Mr. Love/You gotta unblock me ’cause/I just gotta know what kind of taco you had for lunch.

C’mon, Ahmir—that’s funny, honey. And he may even mean it!

Webb’s either parodying or paying homage to Quest’s use of the ‘fropick in the “#Unblokme” video (below), but there’s no questioning his sincerity when he requests help from none other than the Late Night host who the Roots call boss, singing Jimmy, Jimmy, brother, can you help us order up one hoagie of forgiveness?

Be the bigger man, Quest. Bite into that forgiveness hoagie with gusto. Unblock the man already!

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