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Wildwood Boardwalk bans baggy pants … no, seriously

wildwood boardwalk

Yesterday, the puritans over in Wildwood passed a law that finally settles the age-old question, “What’s appropriate attire for the Wildwood Boardwalk?”

Those who strut the boards shoeless, shirtless or with pants below three inches from their hip will now be subject to a possible fine, maybe even 40 hours of community service. For those who don’t know, men and women are already prohibited from wearing bathing suits on the boardwalk unless covered by other clothing.

Ya know, because heaven forbid the impressionable eyeballs of our youth be subjected to the same thinly veiled adult genitalia on the boardwalk that they are just a few feet from over on the beach.

While it’s unclear how the exact amounts will be determined, the proposed fines would range anywhere between $25 to $100 for the first offense and $200 for subsequent offenses. I’m just guessing it’ll be something along the lines of $15 per bare foot, $50 per exposed ass cheek. Any number of exposed nipples clearly warrants community service.

Extra small cropped tops and coochie cutters with “DTF?” printed across them? Well, that’s still totally cool.

Way to class things up, Wildwood!

blaise  says:

guys should be able to go shirtless on the boardwalk especially if its really hot however shoes should be worn and we shouldn’t see any underwear other than that we should be free

Feb 12 7:50 PM


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