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The SoLow Festival in so few words


Pictured: Annie Wilson / Photo: Alex Bechtel

Let’s face it, no one’s got time for reading. You just scan with your eyes before your brain has a chance to get in on the action and then move the hell on.

So, to quickly summarize Philly’s 4th Annual SoLow Festival: Solo performances. Experimental. Cheap. Unusual locations.

Got it? Good.

With this being the festival’s biggest year yet, with a line-up of more than 30 performances for you to comb through, I figured I’d simply the decision-making process for ya, highlighting a selection of the noteworthy happenings and reducing them to only the utmost important details. And really, for most of these performances, a sentence is all you need.


Pictured: Josh Hitchens

(Note: All shows are PWYC—that’s short “pay-what-you-can” for you weirdoes out there who actually spell things out.)

At the Gloaming with the Hipster Shaman – An all-night solstice party with a pre-dawn exorcism of performance art. (Various dates and times. RVSP. Kensington Apartment)

At Last!: The Play-At-Home Romance Game Show – Test your romantic wits in 10 fast-paced rounds to win prizes. Food and drinks included. (Various dates. 8pm. RSVP. Private house, 10th & Dudley Sts.)

My Suicidal Summer – Enjoy a drink with artist Lesley Berkowitz and experience her nervous breakdown as documented via tweets and journal entries. (Tues/25, 7pm. RSVP. Private house, 51st & Catherine Sts.)

Four’s the Floor – Temple’s drinking game champ has an idea for a new scheme he’d like you to be a part of. Hint: it involves excessive amounts of beer. (Fri/28 & Sat/29, 9:30pm. Quig’s Pub, 1714 Delancey St., 3rd fl.)

Guilty But Insane: A Confessional MonologueSit in a living room with notorious serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer as he confesses to all his disturbing deeds. (Mon/24 & Tue/25, 9pm. RSVP. Private garage, 46th & Walnut Sts.)


Artists: Puppet Uprising / Photo: Morgan FitzPatrick Andrews

Jug Baby: An AutobiographyA whimsical and absurd journey of self-discovery, in an R-rated world full of puppetry, animation and live music. (Various dates. 7pm. The Arts Parlor, 1170 S. Broad St.)

Violence of the Lambs (The Animal vs. Human War) – Animals are pissed off, and they’re coming for human flesh. Artist Chris Davis has the proof. (Various dates and times. Washington Square Park)

Providence to Philly Toy Theater Tour – A wild musical evening of toy theater conceived by Puppet Uprising. (Sat/22, 8pm. Studio 34, 4522 Baltimore Ave.)


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