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Alright! Tame Impala announces another tour, and they’ll play Penn’s Landing with Flaming Lips in October


So, we were at Tame Impala’s excellent two-hour set at the Electric Factory last week. We were gonna do a “10 Things” but, after careful consideration, decided to just enjoy the hell out of it. They put on a pretty outstanding show. Decidedly remiss was an awe-inspiring visual spectacular; sure seems like the music suits such an affair. Thing is—and you don’t really realize it until it’s open-hand slapping you across the face—Tame Impala is a psychedelic band. And you know what we realized and/or remembered? Psychedelic often, and with good reason, means drug use. TI are a stoner band, and it’s almost unquestionable whether or not they themselves inhale. Daily. Shit, hourly. And there were was copious indoor herb-blazing at the iconic 7th Street venue last Wednesday night. Literally, when the lights when down, and the band took the stage, the lighters, joints and pipes came out. In the course of the first song, the place became a dank-stank den of stonerism. It’s unlikely that exactly the same thing will happen a few months from now when TI strum those first chords and beat those first notes of percussion. Because it’ll be outside.

Penn’s Landing is one of the weirdest places on earth. This we know to be true. Every once in a while, a big-ass show gets booked or a festival happens. We caught Ke$ha there last summer. Man, that was a trip: adolsecent girls everywhere and K-e-dollar sign-ha screaming about getting fucked up and beard-love. Well, in the weird world of the Delware River Waterfront Corporation, they’ve booked a night (10/3 – it’s a Thursday) of TI and the Flaming Lips. Should be fun.

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Emma  says:

I wish we could take credit for booking the Flaming Lips and Tame Impala (I was at the EF show — it was amazing). Live Nation does the booking up at Festival Pier.

Jun 25 3:49 PM


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