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Cazwell’s coming to the Gayborhood tomorrow night


After yesterday, this whole world we’re living in just feels a whole lot gayer. Got a little teary this morning listenin’ to this StoryCorps story of a single mother who put her son through reparative therapy with the now defunct Exodus International. Our friend Randy LaBosso’s post about Brian Sims’ determination to introduce a marriage equality bill got 8,500+ Facebook shares in under 24 hours (oh, and then he got cut off before he was able to deliver a speech about DOMA before Daryl Metcalff shut it down). Darren Criss, a straight actor who plays gay on TV, has sold out the TLA tonight. And as New York City is just about to burst with what is sure to be a memorable Pride celebration, Cazwell’s fleeing for one night of it to perform at our little Tabu on 12th Street.

Oh, you don’t know about Cazwell? Well, he’s one of New York’s brightest nightlife stars: tight with Amanda Lepore, worked with Peaches and gave us one of the sexiest gay music videos of all time (that’d be “Ice Cream Truck“). But it wasn’t that fateful ice creamy moment that put him on the map. No, that was years ago when his humble little disco pop hit, “All Over Your Face,” started to dominate dance floors. He’s in his own class in a way, because he’s a gay entertainer who’s entertaining ’cause he’s kind of a ham. He’s a dirty boy who likes sexy go-go boys at parties and raps about facials and one-night stands. Josh Middleton caught up with Caz for some Girl Talk, and in his own words: “I typically — like most human beings — do things about sex, food and money, so that’s typically what my videos seem to portray.” We especially love the absurd shit, too, like “I Seen Beyonce at Burger King.” He’s also done a send-up to his love for sexy Latin boys, another favorite of ours, “Rice and Beans.” You may come to regret those drop-crotched Elmo pants, one day though, Caz.

Those boys over at Tabu are shooting for the stars and actually wrangling a few. If they keep it up, hopefully New Yorkers like Cazwell will follow with the drag queens, go-gos and entertainers who realize Philly’s a cute lil’ gay city only a couple hours away, where the boys actually go out and spend money—because they can.

Here’s how it officially breaks down:

Tabu is bringing Philly a sickening summer party full of sweat, twerking, boys, ass and cream … ice cream that is.

With a live performance by Cazwell and DJ’s Xavier B. and Javascript, Tabu will play host to a wild extravaganza of bad decisions, poor choices and summer love.

Opening performance by Philly’s sensual sensation JNATHEN and hosted by Tammy Faymous in glam gender fuck rent boy realness.

Sponsored by Sweet Revenge.

This will be a summer weekend you won’t want to flock to the shore for.

$15 – Advance Tickets

$30 – VIP Meet and Greet with Cazwell and One Hour Open Bar.

More info and tickets at!

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