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Risk job security for a daytime drink-and-dance lunch break with an Absolut Questlove-curated mini-party


Absolut and Flavorpill teamed up last year and did a handful of New York City lunch breaks that our man Questlove provided the tunes for. Well, this year they’re going on the road and bringing the idea to some cities across the country, and Philadelphia’s one of em’! The quick details: it’s a mid-day, hour-long dance party at a club, you get a drink ticket and a bag lunch, and it’s free.

Do you want to gag a little? Check out this Good Morning America segment about the party, and watch the whitest woman on Earth talk about “getting down” and “boogieing.” It’s pretty awful. It actually doesn’t make us want to attend so much as pass that bitch a joint and blast some Outkast in her face or something. When she finally emerges from her wild lunch hour, she unpacks her bag lunch to find the most bland meal of all time: a banana and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on a square of white bread.

But, essentially, we get it. A midday stress reliever and something active to get away from your desk. Cute. But personally? One drink always leads to five. No hate here, though—if that means the brilliant, successful marketers at Absolut are literally giving away vodka to a crowd of people and creating a free, club-destination mini-party, then hey! Go ‘head, Absolut! How many people do you think are not going back to work from this party?

A shout across the office: “Hey, boss, just goin’ on my lunch break! See ya at 1!” A text two hours later: “Boss, I’m not feeling well. I ate something at lunch that made me sick. See you Monday!”

Fri., July 26. 1pm. With DJ Cash Money. Ten Six Club, 1709 Walnut St., 2nd floor.
Fri., Aug. 9, 1pm. With DJ Cosmo Baker. Whisper, 1712 Walnut St.

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